Office of Development

Deputy Commissioner: Molly Park

The Office of Development leads the implementation of the Mayor’s Housing Plan to create or preserve 300,000 units of affordable housing by 2026. This is performed in close collaboration with HPD colleagues, other City and state agencies, and the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

The Office of Development is comprised of the following Divisions:

  • Division of Building & Land Development Services (BLDS) is responsible for providing architectural, engineering, environmental, cost valuation, and construction support, with the goal of ensuring that HPD programs produce quality affordable housing in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Division of Housing Incentives administers eight real property tax benefit programs authorized by state and City laws to facilitate private and publicly-subsidized rehabilitation and new construction throughout New York City. The division also allocates as-of-right (4%) and competitive (9%) federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits pursuant to Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and the City's Qualified Allocation Plan, which reflects the priorities of the Housing New York Plan.
  • Division of Inclusionary Housing is core to the City's overall housing development approach, providing financing, as well as analysis on zoning, residential development, and housing policy, to create affordable homes throughout the city in collaboration with for- and non-profit developers.
  • Division of New Construction partners with federal, state and other City agencies to help fund the development of affordable housing on both public and private sites through Multifamily Homeownership; Multifamily Rental Mod/Mid; Multifamily Rental Mixed; Low Income Rental Program, NYCHA Collaboration; the Small Homes Scattered Sites Program (New Foundations and Partnership Homes); Small Homes Large Scale Program (Arverne, Gateway, Nehemiah, and Edgemere), and the Sandy 1-4 family Rebuild Program. The division often works in conjunction with the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) in co-financing such developments. Programs under this Division provide subsidy to rental and homeownership projects, as well as down payment assistance to homeowners.
  • Division of Preservation Finance facilitates the preservation of the financial and physical viability as well as affordability of existing multi-family housing through financing programs that provide subsidy and/or property tax exemptions in addition to other financial benefits. These programs include the Participation Loan Program (PLP), Multifamily Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program (HRP), the HUD Multifamily Program, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Preservation (Year 15) Program, the Green Housing Preservation Program (GHPP), the Community Restoration Fund Program (CRF) and the Primary Prevention Program (PPP). While the division primarily facilitates the preservation of multi-family buildings, single-family properties may receive assistance through PPP or CRF. In addition to a number of loan programs, the agency also administers numerous tax exemption program and welcomes individuals and organizations to reach out to HPD with project proposals that may benefit from the agency's financing programs.
  • Division of Property Disposition and Finance facilitates the disposition of tax-foreclosed buildings managed and/or owned by HPD to private ownership by tenant associations, nonprofit organizations, or community based for-profit organizations that provide interim management and project development. The goal of the division is to return such properties to the tax rolls and improve the safety and livability of the city's housing stock.
  • Division of Special Needs Housing administers the Supportive Housing Loan Program and the Senior Housing Loan Program, which are key vehicles for providing permanent affordable housing with on-site services for homeless households with special needs and affordable housing for low-income seniors.