Office of Enforcement & Neighborhood Services

Deputy Commissioner: AnnMarie Santiago

The Office of Enforcement and Neighborhood Services works closely with other HPD divisions and outside community partners to identify buildings in distress, assess and develop appropriate strategies to address those properties, and work closely with responsible owners to develop a plan to improve conditions and return buildings to firm financial footing and physical health. HPD uses enforcement tools within the Division of Code Enforcement, Housing Litigation Division, Emergency Repair Program, the Division of Neighborhood Preservation and the Division of Special Enforcement to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

  • Division of Code Enforcement (DCE) housing Inspectors respond to complaints filed with 311 (City’s Citizen Service Center) regarding lack of essential services such as heat and water and housing maintenance problems such as leaks, vermin, and broken plaster.
  • Housing Litigation Division (HLD) bring cases in Housing Court to enforce compliance with the housing quality standards contained in the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law and the New York City Housing Maintenance Code. HLD may seek correction of conditions, civil penalties, the appointment of a 7A administrator, or access warrants. In addition, HLD may appear in tenant-initiated proceedings if the tenant seeks repairs, claims harassment, or seeks the appointment of a 7A Administrator. HLD also accepts and reviews applications for Certifications of No Harassment, which are required to alter or demolish any single room occupancy building citywide and all residential buildings in specially designated zones throughout the city.
  • Division of Maintenance (DOM) (Emergency Repair Program (ERP)) orders and monitors the performance of emergency repairs in city and privately-owned buildings in response to immediately hazardous violations (including lead-based paint violations and violations regarding a lack of basic services such as heat) issued by Housing Code Inspectors if the landlord fails to perform the repair.
  • Division of Neighborhood Preservation (DNP) conducts surveys to assess whether additional enforcement is necessary or to assit owners through the process of violation correction. DNP provides training and outreach to property owners and communities through one-on-one meetings and information sessions throughout the city.
  • Division of Special Enforcement (DSE) performs specialized enforcement activities through the Alternative Enforcement Program, Proactive Enforcement Bureau, and Special Enforcement Unit. Information on open complaints, violations, litigation, emergency repair/Alternative Enforcement Program/demolition charges, and building registration information on specific buildings can be found through HPDONLINE.
  • Division of Administration and Internal Compliance (AIC) enforces existing internal controls to limit potential operational vulnerability and exposure to risk across the targeted areas by assessing the effectiveness of the various OENS field operations staff and processes through training, audits, and field evaluations to ensure that the overall business practices are subject to safeguards that promote efficiency, transparency, integrity and accountability. Its mission is to offer a framework, complete with practical strategies and tools to effectively achieve organizational objectives.
  • Division of Operations and Support Services (OSS) is comprised of the following areas with OENS: the Demolition Unit, Elevator Repair Unit, and the Agency's General Services Unit. The Division is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of all demolition jobs under the Agency's jurisdiction, as well as the repair of elevators in city and privately-owned buildings. In addition to these responsibilities, OSS provides administration over the Agency's Facilities, Procurement, Mailroom and Fleet Operations.