Office of Legal Affairs

Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel: Matthew Shafit

The Office of Legal Affairs provides legal support services to the entire agency, and is comprised of the following Divisions:

  • Contracts and Real Estate Division (“CRED”) handles all legal work related to real estate transactions, contracts, leasing, and urban renewal. The division's primary responsibilities are performing disposition and loan closings and preparing the agency's contracts, but it also performs many related functions. CRED also contains the Labor Relations Unit, which advises and represents the agency in connection with labor and employment law issues as well as conflict of interest issues.
  • Landlord/Tenant Litigation Division (“LTLD”) advises and represents the agency on all legal issues concerning residential and commercial occupants of City-owned properties under HPD jurisdiction.
  • Mortgage Enforcement Litigation Division (“MELD”) handles all legal issues relating to defaults on HPD loans, including mortgage foreclosures, workouts, and other collection and enforcement actions.
  • Procurement Services Division (“PSD”) advises agency contracting staff regarding compliance with applicable laws and rules, registers contracts and loans, and handles a number of other procurement-related responsibilities.
  • FOIL Unit (“FOIL”) responds to public requests for access to records under the State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).
  • Regulatory Affairs Division (“RAD”) provides legal support services for the agency’s regulatory and enforcement functions and advises the agency on compliance with external statutory and regulatory requirements. The division handles, among other things, legal issues regarding in rem tax foreclosures, tax lien sales, the Housing Maintenance Code, 7A Administrators, demolition, emergency repairs, alternative enforcement, lead, asbestos, disabilities, and the Freedom of Information Law.
  • Tax Incentives & Housing Supervision Division (“TIHSD”) handles most legal issues relating to property tax exemptions and abatements, Mitchell Lama developments, and Redevelopment Company projects.