Office of Strategy, Research, and Communications

Deputy Commissioner: David Quart

The Office of Strategy, Research, and Communications is responsible for interfacing with elected officials and key stakeholders, the media, and the public; improving agency operations and programs through innovative approaches and team building and performing major housing research to inform all aspects of our work from neighborhood strategies to code enforcement. The Office of Strategy, Research, and Communications consists of these four divisions:

  • Division of Strategic Planning works with the HPD Commissioner, the Chief of Staff, and leaders from across the agency to define and advance high-priority initiatives involving key strategic operations, programs, and policies. Through a combination of strategy, analysis, and project management, Strategic Planning aims to improve agency outcomes by clarifying objectives, generating innovative approaches to challenges, and working with teams to implement those approaches. Strategic Planning strives to consistently produce high-quality and high-impact work rooted in an understanding of best practices and long-term agency priorities.
  • Division of Housing and Policy Research plans and conducts major housing-related research requiring advanced concepts and methods or large-scale data collection, processing, and analyses. The Division also works with the U.S. Census Bureau to plan and implement every three years the comprehensive New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (HVS), as required by New York State and City rent regulation laws. HVS provides data and analyses on the city's population and households, housing inventory, vacancy rates, ownership rates, housing and neighborhood conditions, incomes, rents, and affordability.
  • Division of Communications works with the HPD Commissioner, the Chief of Staff, and leaders and staff from across the agency to identify opportunities to promote HPD's activities and initiatives, and plan and execute events and other public facing activities. In addition, the Communications staff serves as the agency's primary liaison with the media, working with reporters from all outlets to disseminate information rapidly, accurately and strategically. Communications assists in writing, vetting, and editing website and other communications channels for both external and internal audiences.
  • Division of Governmental Relations and Regulatory Compliance works with city, state, and federal officials, agencies, policy makers, advocates and planners in the public and private sectors to assess housing policy, land use and planning issues, and manage the City's affordable housing legislative agenda. The Office is also responsible for the management and supervision of activities dealing with procedures and policies in the areas of procurement, Fair Housing laws, and prevailing wage laws.