Rent Regulation

HPD is publishing a series of brief reports on the stock of rent regulated units in New York City. The memos aim to disseminate information about different facets of rent regulation in the city, using a variety of data sources. Memos will be released regularly and will provide the public with accessible, useful information on rent regulation. 

Sociodemographics of Rent Stabilized Tenants
Tenants in rent stabilized units and tenants in unregulated units in New York City are distinct groups that vary beyond just their type of housing. In this memo, we utilize data from the 2017 NYCHVS to examine and compare these groups across several sociodemographic dimensions.

Affordability of Rent Stabilized Units
Rent stabilized units differ from private, unregulated units in a variety of ways. In the previous memo, we discussed the sociodemographics of rent stabilized tenants. Here, we examine the costs of rent stabilized and private, unregulated units and the affordability to tenants.

Quality and Accessibility of Rent Stabilized Units
Overall, the quality of the New York City housing stock is high. Condition have improved since the advent of the NYCHVS, when quality was one of the City's greatest concerns. In more recent years, other issues, including affordability, have surpassed quality concerns. As we discuss here, although quality is high, there are still major differences across types of housing. We compare the quality of rent regulated and private, unregulated units.