Legislated in 2016, Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) and Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA) are two of the many initiatives that make up the Housing New York plan, Mayor de Blasio's roadmap for creating and preserving 200,000 affordable homes to serve a range of New Yorkers, from the very poorest to the middle class households that make up the City's workforce.

Mandatory Inclusionary Housing

MIH is a pioneering initiative which makes affordable housing mandatory and permanent wherever new housing capacity is approved through land use actions. It is, by far, the strongest and most flexible policy of its kind in the country.

When combined with our broader housing plan - including City subsidies and neighborhood investments - it will create tens of thousands of affordable apartments in high-quality neighborhoods, while stabilizing those neighborhoods for years to come. City subsidies will mean projects can reach even more families and lower-income households than through this policy alone.

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Zoning for Quality and Affordability

ZQA is a package of targeted changes that updated zoning regulations with the goal of supporting the creation of senior and affordable housing and improving ground floor spaces to support neighborhood and quality of life.

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