Education and Outreach

Landlord and Tenant Resource Fairs

Bring Housing Resources to Your Community

HPD's Neighborhood Education and Outreach unit can bring housing resources directly to your community. We partner with local elected officials, community groups, and sister agencies to organize Landlord and Tenant Resource Fairs where building owners or tenants can have one-on-one discussions with representatives of non-profits and government agencies and receive consultations, apply for services, and resolve housing-related issues. Read more.

Call the Neighborhood Education and Outreach office at (212) 863-8830 to plan an event for your community.

Upcoming Fairs
View the Events calendar for upcoming Resource Fairs.

Property Owner Clinics

HPD's Property Owner Clinics are an opportunity to meet with representatives from a variety of City agnecies and non-profit housing organizations to learn about how the City's low- or no-cost loans and tax benefits can help you finance small or large repairs, upgrade or replace major building systems, and lower your operating costs. Learn more.


HPD offers free classroom-setting and online courses on topics such as Pest Management, Lead Safety, Property Management, Heating Systems, and more. View the Property Management Classes page for more information and to register. 

Division of Neighborhood Preservation (DNP)

Tenants and Landlords can visit DNP to obtain information on HPD's Public Outreach and Education. At our DNP offices, you can obtain the following services:

  • One-on-one counseling regarding property management, finances, low-interest loans, grants and other housing matters.
  • Assistance to landlords regarding correction and removal of housing code violations.
  • Guidance regarding prevention of future housing code violations.
  • Landlord-tenant mediation.
  • Assistance with arranging access to facilitate repairs.
  • Assistance to tenants regarding housing issues and repairs.
  • Referrals to other HPD units/divisions, other City agencies and community organizations.