Design Guidelines

Preservation Design

HPD's Preservation Design guidelines provide specifications for architects, engineers, and contractors who are performing work on HPD-assisted rehabilitation projects.

New Construction Design 

HPD has published New Construction Design Guidenlines for Multifamily and Senior Housing Housing, which establish the criteria by which BLDS will evaluate proposed developments.

Active Design

HPD encourages consideration of the Active Design Guidelines, which promotes fitness through active lifestyle, particularly noting the location and treatment of stairs in buildings.

Retail Design

HPD's Retail Design Guidelines provide practical recommendations for building ground-floor space that is functional for retailers, community, and cultural organizations; accessible and convenient for residents and neighbors; and cost-effective for developers.

Affordable Housing

Designing New York: Quality Affordable Housing is a collaboration of the New York City Public Design Commission (PDC), The Fine Arts Federation of New York, and the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter. The publication contains information about a new coordinated review process, as well as seven case studies representing some of the best recent affordable housing built in New York City. Learn more at the PDC's Affordable Housing webpage.

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