Alliance for Neighborhood Commerce, Homeownership and Revitalization (ANCHOR)


The ANCHOR Program is a neighborhood revitalization initiative that has created over 300,000 square feet of new commercial/retail space and over 1000 units of middle-income housing on vacant City-owned land. ANCHOR uses a combination of Federal, State, City, and private funds to finance new retail space along targeted commercial corridors.

HPD works with commercial banks, developers and community-based organizations to sell and redevelop vacant City-owned land, attract commercial businesses, and create employment opportunities in underserved areas. The ANCHOR Program includes several commercial corridors/sites that can accommodate commercial/retail or mixed-use buildings. (Bronx, Community Districts 1, 3, & 6; Brooklyn, Community Districts 3, 4, 13, & 16; and Manhattan, Community District 10)

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To request a homeownership kit, call 311

Information for developers: (212) 863-6091