Mixed Middle Income

HPD’s Mixed Middle Income (M2) Program funds the new construction of multi-family rental housing affordable to low-, moderate- and middle-income families up to 165% of Area Median Income (AMI). Under this initiative, 20% of the units in a new development must be reserved for low-income households earning less than 50% of the New York City Area Median Income (AMI), with at least 15% of these low-income units set aside for very low-income families earning less than 40% of AMI.A minimum of 30% of the units would be set aside for moderate-income households earning between 80% and 100% of AMI. A maximum of 50% of the units would be set aside for middle-income households earning between 130% and 165% of AMI.

In order to be eligible for Capital funds, it is required that a borrower be a Housing Development Fund Corporation either alone or in partnership with for-profit developers, limited partnerships, corporations, trusts, joint ventures, or limited liability companies. The development team for the project must have demonstrated a track record in successfully developing, marketing, and managing the type of facility proposed or must form a joint venture with an entity with such expertise. Borrowers must demonstrate sufficient financial stability and liquidity to construct and operate the project.


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