Building and Land Development Services (BLDS)

BLDS provides architectural, engineering, environmental, cost valuation, and construction support services for HPD new construction and preservation projects. BLDS provides an array of technical services commencing in the pre-construction phase and continuing through the post-construction close-out period. Services include:

  • Environmental assessment;
  • In-house scope development;
  • Architectural, engineering, and/or cost-estimating reviews of scopes of work and designs—prepared by external consultants—for substantial rehabilitation and new construction programs;
  • Bid review and award recommendations for moderate rehabilitation programs;
  • Construction monitoring for all loan programs; and
  • Requisition review and change order processing for Article 8A, Year-15, supportive housing, and other programs, if requested.

BLDS works closely with developers/sponsors, consultant architects, and engineers to assure that HPD-assisted projects comply with all applicable laws, regulations, codes, rules, and standards governing our activities, and the HPD Design Guidelines, while ensuring thoughtful design, cost reasonableness, and integrity during the entire project life-cycle.

HPD launched an electronic document submission and review process called BLDS eSubmit. Through this tool, external partners, sponsors, devleopers, owners, and architects are able to submit PDF drawings and documents to HPD for review and approval purposes.