Inclusionary Housing Program

The Inclusionary Housing Program (IHP) is designed to preserve and promote affordable housing within neighborhoods where zoning has been modified to encourage new development. The IHP consists of two programs:

Voluntary Inclusionary Housing (VIH), enacted in 1987, where applicable, enables a development to receive a density bonus in return for the new construction, substantial rehabilitation, or preservation of permanently affordable housing.

Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH), enacted in March 2016, requires a share of new housing in medium- and high-density areas that are rezoned to promote new housing production—whether rezoned as part of a city neighborhood plan or a private rezoning application—to be permanently affordable.  

IH Map

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The Inclusionary Housing Map, is being released now to provide information to the public. The map allows users to locate Inclusionary Housing (IH) projects, which are called generating sites and contain permanently affordable IH apartments. The map also displays the sites that have received IH floor area from generating sites; these are called compensated developments.

To see the relationship between a specific generating site and its compensated sites, search using the Query by Generating Project Name function. The map will simultaneously highlight a generating site and its compensated development(s) with a blue box.

Users can also search or query by City Council District (CD) to see all the IH production in the CD, or, for information about a specific project, query by address or by BBL (Borough, Block and Lot). Users can also see the balance of floor area remaining at a generating site just by clicking on the site. The layers tool lets users see information such as the city’s zoning districts and community boards. Please note the source of most layers is the NYC Department of City Planning (DCP), not HPD.

The map will be updated monthly. If you believe there is an error on the map, please email

IHP Provisions

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HPD Contact
Louise Carroll
Associate Commissioner, Housing Incentives

This Program Overview contains general information about the Inclusionary Housing Program adopted in the New York City Zoning Resolution (Zoning Resolution) and the Inclusionary Housing Program Guidelines (Guidelines) and is not intended to provide legal advice or to be relied on in any way by any persons or entity. It is important to rely only upon the actual text of the Zoning Resolution and the Guidelines and to consult with an attorney as to their meaning.