Land Use Approval

When HPD chooses a developer of a City-owned site through a Request for Proposals, HPD must, by law, secure public land use approval prior to conveying the site to the developer and beginning construction.

For most affordable housing projects on City-owned sites, HPD obtains land use approval through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) , a legally mandated series of reviews and public hearings by the City Planning Commission, the local Community Board, the applicable Borough President or Borough Board, the City Council and the Mayor.

ULURP is required for any sale or disposition of City-owned property, with certain exceptions described below. It is also required for many of the land use changes, such as zoning map amendments and street mappings, that are often needed to facilitate affordable housing projects.

Certain kinds of housing projects are not subject to the full ULURP requirement, including residential rehabilitation projects, projects involving the new construction of one- to four-family homes, and certain qualifying senior housing projects. For such developments, the required land use approval for disposition is limited to review by the City Council and the Mayor only. This shortened land use approval, known as “accelerated UDAAP,” refers to the Urban Development Action Area Project, a component of the New York State law that permits this accelerated process.