Mission-Based Partnerships

HPD is committed to partnering with mission-driven organizations throughout the city to identify and facilitate new development opportunities. This page includes resources for faith-based institutions and nonprofit organizations to aid with the development process and to spread the word about affordable housing resources for tenants and owners.

Owners' Representatives PQL

HPD has created a Pre-Qualified List (PQL) of Owners' Representatives who can help mission-driven owners evaluate real estate development opportunities. HPD created the list through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process that evaluated each respondent’s technical expertise, experience, and capacity to represent owners in the project management, planning, developing, financing, and operation of multifamily affordable housing in New York City.

Do you want to develop affordable housing? Here are some basic questions to ask yourself and your organization before getting started.

New York Land Opportunity Program (NYLOP)

HPD is also collaborating with LISC NYC on the New York Land Opportunity Program (NYLOP) to help mission-driven organizations with limited real estate experience form partnerships with experienced developers to develop affordable housing on their underused land.

For more information, visit LISC's NYLOP page.


HPD, the Mayor’s Clergy Advisory Council, and the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit also host periodic workshops to let faith-based leaders around the city know about preservation, development, and tenant protection resources. These sessions introduce the clergy leaders to technical assistance resources, including the Owner’s Rep list and the New York Land Opportunity Program, and provide faith leaders with information they can use to help members of their congregations with housing problems and to advocate for affordable housing in their neighborhoods.

Best Practices Checklist

In order to better facilitate mission-driven development HPD has partnered with the AG’s office in creating a best practices checklist for faith based institutions when submitting petition for review to the NY State Office of the Attorney General- Charities Bureau.