Multifamily Water Assistance Program for Affordable Housing

Application For HDC-Assisted Properties


Submit one application for all of the buildings that fall under one Regulatory Agreement or project.

If a project consists of multiple DEP accounts, complete the application as follows:

  • Under the 'Building Information' section, enter in one of the DEP Account Numbers associated with the project and all of the details related with that account.
  • After you submit the application, you will be prompted to the Additional DEP Account Form, where you will be able to enter in additional DEP Accounts associated with the project.
  • Under the 'Rents and Regulatory Agreement' section, enter all of the information associated with the entire project. For instance, insert the average AMI for the entire project, not just the specific building associated with the DEP Account Number listed in the main Online Application.
  • Under the 'File Upload' section, the Certified Rent Roll should include all of the buildings under one Regulatory Agreement or project.

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Contact Information

Building Information

List the full details for each building that is associated with a single DEP Account Number. If there are additional DEP Account Numbers, please complete the additional DEP Account Form after submitting this form. A link will be provided on the Submission Confirmation page.
If a building has DOF Arrears, is it in a payment plan with DOF?
If a building has DEP Arrears, is it in a payment plan with DEP?
Water on Flat or Metered Rate?*
If charged Flat Rate, is the building MCP compliant ?

Rents and Regulatory Agreement

Is the project currently in the HPD and/or HDC pipeline?*
The following two questions are only required if you are in the HPD and/or HDC development pipeline.

File Upload


Eligibility Affadavit*