Payroll Submission

Contractors engaged in HPD development projects are encouraged to use the Labor Monitoring and Compliance (LMAC) service, a free and secure application to manage certified payrolls and associated documents.

LMAC greatly reduces the cost, time, and resources needed to comply with Davis Bacon, Section 220, and Section 230 prevailing wage requirements. The service also tracks Section 3 and M/WBE participation.

General contractors and subcontractors can upload payroll data directly from a payroll software program or a spreadsheet. Payroll data will be immediately checked against the applicable Davis Bacon wage determination schedule. Although the use of the service is not mandated by HPD, LMAC will save your firm a significant amount of staff time and money.

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Your hiring contractor should provide you with a training class schedule. Complete the Request For LMAC Training Class form, and return it with a copy your Employer Identification Number and proof of address to the email address below.  We will send a confirmation of the date and time of the LMAC training class.

(212) 863-7760