Development Planning

Land Use Approval

For most affordable housing projects on City-owned sites, HPD must, by law, obtain land use approval through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). Certain kinds of housing projects are not subject to the full ULURP requirement, including residential rehabilitation projects, projects involving the new construction of one- to four-family homes, and certain qualifying senior housing projects. Learn more.

Environmental Review

HPD's Environmental Planning Unit, conducts environmental reviews in conformance with federal, state and city regulations. Environmental reviews may generally be performed for projects which require federal, state or city discretionary actions, including construction funding, disposition approval, or approval of zoning changes. Learn more.


For new housing developers and existing building owners, it is important to understand the high-risk flood zones and the flood insurance program in order to appropriately design new constructions and/or retrofit existing structures. The City building code and zoning resolution were recently updated to incorporate resilient construction standards. Learn more.