784 Courtlandt Avenue

Borough: the Bronx
Construction Type: New Construction
Primary Development Program: Neighborhood Construction Program (NCP)
Income Levels Served: Extremely Low-, Very Low-, Low-, and Moderate-Income
Developer: Infinite Horizons LLC
Units: 20

784 Courtlandt Avenue, in Melrose, the Bronx, will be developed by Infinite Horizons, LLC. With MBD Community Housing Corp., the M/WBE firm will build 20 affordable homes on the 4,700 square-foot parcel. The homes will be affordable to a range of incomes, and the development will feature solar panels on the roof and a passive recreation area with paves and plantings on the third floor.

The project is one of the proposals selected from the M/WBE Building Opportunity RFP to develop vacant, City-owned sites for the creation of 100% affordable housing.