Community Land Trust Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI)

Release date: 1/9/2017
Submission deadline: 2/28/2017
Designation date: 7/19/2017


HPD announced that $1.65 million will be granted to created and expand Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in New York City through Enterprise's new Community Land Trusts Capacity Building Initiative.

A CLT is a non-profit organization formed to own land and to maintain control and oversight of houses or rental buildings located on the land. The CLT’s land ownership, paired with a governance structure that reflects the interests of CLT housing residents and the broader community, can offer a unique housing model that empowers residents and neighborhoods. The CLT sells the buildings to qualified buyers but retains ownership of the land to preserve the long term affordability of its housing resources. The grant will provide funding to three CLTs to meet affordable housing development and neighborhood revitalization goals, including one to support affordable homeownership citywide, but primarily in southeast Queens, Edgemere, and central Brooklyn.  The award will also fund a CLT Learning Exchange for community-based organizations and affordable housing developers seeking to form CLTs in their neighborhoods. Funding for the initiative comes from a bank settlement negotiated by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. 

One of the selected CLTs includes a group of local organizations focused on affordable homeownership, which has the potential to facilitate long-term affordability and resilient land management in Edgemere and other neighborhoods.  This will help advance one of the goals of the Resilient Edgemere Community Plan, which was to identify City-owned sites in the neighborhood that could be developed by a CLT. 

HPD applied to Enterprise to fund New York City organizations with proposals to support the formation and expansion of CLTs across the City that would serve a variety of geographies and communities.

Awardees include:

Interboro CLT, a partnership of the Center for NYC Neighborhoods, the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB), the Mutual Housing Association of New York (MHANY), and Habitat for Humanity, seeks to strengthen communities through the development and stewardship of affordable homeownership for low-income households in southeast Queens, Edgemere, and central Brooklyn, with a long-term goal to expand citywide.

Cooper Square CLT, the only existing CLT in New York City, which has been the land steward of a low-income mutual housing association on the Lower East Side for over 20 years, and is looking to expand its portfolio to acquire and develop distressed buildings.

East Harlem / El Barrio CLT is working with affordable housing developer Banana Kelly to acquire and rehabilitate a group of buildings for low-income rental housing in East Harlem that would be owned and operated as a CLT.

The New York City Community Land Initiative, in partnership with the New Economy Project, will administer a CLT Learning Exchange designed to build the capacity of community-based organizations and affordable housing developers seeking to form CLTs. The program will provide foundational training in forming a CLT and more targeted technical assistance for groups at various stages of the CLT process.  

There are currently many different models of CLTs in use across the country, and the agency received a robust set of responses from different organizations, communities, and individuals suggesting various types of proposals for CLTs. The agency applied to Enterprise for funds to support organizations that will provide training on CLT formation and to CLTs that are ready to pursue development projects that further the goals of Housing New York. At the same time, HPD will continue to dispose of development sites through an open, competitive RFP process, and welcomes CLTs to respond to future RFPs.

Over the next 24 months following the designation, grants will fund operations and start-up support as well as capital projects. HPD will work closely with awardees and continue to support the potential for CLT growth in New York City.


HPD released the RFEI to identify qualified groups to form a Community Land Trust (CLT). All responses to the RFEI were required to describe the existing or proposed CLT’s target geography and constituency, plan for the creation and maintenance of rental and/or homeownership housing, the organization’s governance structure and operations plan, the respondent’s affordable housing experience, and any projected future requests for support from the City.

A pre-submission conference was held on January 27, 2017 at 1:30pm at HPD, 100 Gold Street.

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