Emergency Repair Program (ERP)

When residential owners do not correct emergency violations, HPD may take action to correct the conditions. HPD may conduct emergency repair work to address HPD Class C violations and Orders, Department of Buildings Orders and Declarations of Emergency, Department of Buildings referrals of certain Elevator violations, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Commissioner’s Orders, and violations of other housing related conditions. All such work is charged to the building where it occurs. The City is subject to laws governing procurement, contracting, and wages that may make such work significantly more expensive than the price the owner could obtain himself. The City will bill the property through the Department of Finance for the cost of the emergency repair plus related fees and/or for the cost of sending a contractor to attempt to make repairs. If the owner fails to pay, the City will file a tax lien against the property. The tax lien will bear interest and, if it remains unpaid, may be sold and/or foreclosed to collect the amount owed.

Paying Emergency Repair Charges
Emergency repair charges will appear on the property tax bill. You can view current charges on the Department of Finance website and pay online, by mail or in person. These charges may be identified as Emergency Repair Program, Alternative Enforcement Program or Demolition charges. All of these charges are related to emergency work by HPD as described above.

Pending charges for work in progress or completed work pending payment to the vendor can be found using the Complaints, Violations, and Registration Lookup tool [WA1]on the homepage. Once you enter the property address, click the Charges link on the left hand side. You may see charges for work related to the Emergency Repair Program, the Alternative Enforcement Program or Demolition (ordered by DOB).

You will not be able to certify the correction of violations, file with HPD for a Dismissal Request Inspection or request a Violation Reissuance if there are pending charges related to HPD activities.

Avoiding Emergency Repair Charges
Property owners can avoid emergency repair and service charges and remove the violation(s) from HPD records at no cost by correcting the violation/emergency condition and certifying such correction to HPD in a timely manner or complying with a violation/order order as directed by the issuing agency.

Procedure for Protesting Emergency Repair Charges
To protest an emergency repair charge, submit your protest in writing and deliver it to the HPD Research and Reconciliation Unit on or before the payment due date listed on the statement of account. You may request an invoice that supports HPD's emergency repair charge prior to protesting the charge. Failure to protest an emergency repair charge within the time allowed negates an owner's right to contest the charge in any subsequent administrative or judicial proceeding.

Protests of emergency repair charges should be mailed to:

HPD Research and Reconciliation Unit
100 Gold Street, Section 6C
New York, NY 10038

For more information, call 212-863-6020 and/or e-mail: hpderp@hpd.nyc.gov