Mitchell-Lama Housing

The Mitchell-Lama Housing program provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate- and middle-income families. The program was sponsored by New York State Senator MacNeil Mitchell and Assemblyman Alfred Lama, and was signed into law in 1955. There are both New York City supervised Mitchell-Lama developments and New York State supervised Mitchell-Lama developments.

How to Apply

Each development requires that you apply separately. There is no master list for applications. However, you can apply to more than one development at a time. Mitchell-Lama apartments are sold or rented through waiting lists kept by each development. Many Mitchell-Lama waiting lists are closed because there are already enough applicants listed to fill vacancies expected for the foreseeable future. Periodically, these developments open their waiting lists and new applications are accepted based on a lottery system. Through Mitchell-Lama Connect, you can view Mitchell-Lama developments that are opening up their waiting lists and are currently accepting entries to their lotteries, create and update your account profile, and submit entries to Mitchell-Lama waiting list lotteries. If you would like to receive an email when future opportunities arise, please create an account on Mitchell-Lama Connect. You email address will automatically be added to our distribution list.

If you are a veteran residing in New York State you may be entitled to a preference for Mitchell-Lama developments with an open waiting list.

Eligibility Requirements

All Mitchell-Lama developments have eligibility requirements related to income limits, family size, and apartment size. In addition, each development sets its own restrictions and limitations.

Income Limits

Maximum income limits differ for federally-assisted rental and cooperative developments, and non-federally-assisted developments. The waiting list specifies if a development is federally subsidized and if it is a rental or cooperative. 

Household SizeIncome Limits
Federally Assisted Rental Federally Assisted Cooperative Non-Federally Assisted
1 $50,750 $79,296.88 $79,296.88
2 $58,000 $90,625.00 $90,625.00
3 $65,250 $101,953.13 $101,953.13
4 $72,500 $113,281.25 $113,281.25
5 $78,300 $122,343.75 $122,343.75
6 $84,100 $131,406.25 $131,406.25
7 $89,900 $140,468.75 $140,468.75
8 $95,700 $149,531.25 $149,531.25

A surcharge will be added to your monthly rent/carrying charge if your adjusted household income from the prior calendar year exceeds the maximum income limit. Every year Mitchell-Lama tenants are required to complete an income affidavit. This form allows your housing company to calculate your adjusted household income and the amount of a surcharge you may have to pay.


Supplementary Material



Resources for Mitchell-Lama Development Owners


Mitchell Lama Repair Loan Program (HDC): Loans to Mitchell-Lama owners to make needed capital improvements.

Restructuring Program: Owners within the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) insured Mitchell-Lama portfolio may apply to restructure the first and second mortgages held on the properties.

Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program (SCRIE): Senior citizens with yearly incomes below $50,000 who live in Mitchell-Lama, Article XI, or federally-assisted co-ops may be eligible for exemption from all or some increases in rents, carrying charges, capital assessment or voluntary capital contributions.

For questions regarding the City Sponsored Mitchell-Lama Program: (212) 863-6500, or email

For information on the New York State supervised Mitchell-Lama housing program, please visit New York State Homes and Community Renewal or call (866)463-7753.