The NYC Department of Building's Elevator Division oversees the use and operation of elevators in NYC buildings by enforcing the New York City Building Code and other standards. Call or go online to 311 to file a complaint if the elevator is not working properly.

Should an immediately hazardous elevator violation not be remedied within the timeframe allowed by DOB, HPD may seek to correct  the condition through its Emergency Repair Program or through other enforcement mechanisms. If Emergency Repair is done, the cost of work may be significantly more expensive than the price the owner could obtain if he/she performs or contracts for the work, due to laws that the city is subject to governing procurement, contracting  and wages. The City will bill the property through the Department of Finance for the cost of the work plus related fees and/or the cost of sending a contractor to attempt to make repairs. If the owner fails to pay, the City will file a lien against the property. The tax lien will bear interest and may be sold and/or foreclosed to collect the amount owed.