Window Guards

Each year, young children are injured or die in falls from unguarded windows. These are preventable deaths and injuries. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that window guards are properly installed.

Tenants in buildings with more than two residential units are required to:

  • Fill out and return the Annual Notice regarding window guards that you receive from the property owner each year.
  • Notify the property owner in writing if you require a window guard. For example, grandparents who have visiting children, parents who share custody, and occupants who provide child care may wish to request window guards.

The law requires property owners to provide and properly install approved window guards on all windows, including first floor bathrooms and windows leading onto a balcony or terrace in an apartment where a child 10 years of age or younger resides and in each common area window, if any, in such buildings. The exceptions to this law are windows that open onto a fire escape and windows on the first floor that are a required secondary exit in a building in which there are fire escapes on the second floor and up.

If required or requested window guards have not been installed, or if they appear to be insecure or improperly installed, or if there is more than 4½ inches of open unguarded space in the window opening, a complaint should be made immediately, either by calling 311 or using 311ONLINE.

Removing window guards
The law does not allow tenants to remove window guards to install air conditioners. If you want an air conditioner installed, the property management must follow all required regulations to ensure that the air conditioner is securely installed to prevent any falls either from dislodging the air conditioner or falling through some accessible opening.