Staying in Your Apartment Safely

Tenants may have several options to pursue if physical conditions in a building are not safe or in good repair. Tenants in privately owned buildings with maintenance problems should first notify the building owner or manager. If verbal notification does not result in a resolution to the problem, tenants may wish to send written notification through certified mail, with a return receipt requested. Keeping these records is important if the onwer does not take any action to address the issue(s). Tenants may file complaints with the City and, in the case of rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments, with the State. Visit the Complaints page for more information.


For Kids
We created this coloring book in English and Spanish to educate kids in a fun way about how to help keep their home safe and healthy: 

To obtain a printed copy, visit one of our Borough Service Centers, an HPD event, or your local Councilmember's office.