Complaints & Inspections FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file a complaint anonymously?
You can only file an anonymous complaint for certain building-wide conditions, such as no heat or hot water. However, we encourage you to provide your contact information so that HPD can reach out to you if there are access issues.

Will an inspector only write a violation for a condition I complain about?
In addition to inspecting for the condition you complained about, the Inspector is required to check for the following six conditions:

Violations may be issued for any of the above conditions, as well as for any hazardous condition that the Inspector sees.

What if I am not home when the inspector comes?
If the complaint is specific to your apartment and the Inspector cannot enter, the Inspector will leave a card with a phone number to schedule an appointment. HPD will also mail you the same information. If HPD doesn't hear from you, the complaint will be closed.

If the complaint is for heat or another building-wide condition, the Inspector may attempt to gain access to another apartment in the building to see if the condition exists. This is most common for heat and hot water complaints; if you are not home, the Inspector will leave you a card indicating that he/she attempted to access another apartment in the building.

How can I get the status of my complaint?
You can determine the status of your complaint by checking 311ONLINE or HPDONLINE. Enter the Service Request (SR) # that you were given or find the  HPD Complaint # on HPDONLINE.

How do I know if violations are issued? Will I receive anything from the inspector?
To see if violations have been issued, you can check HPDONLINE. Just enter your building address and select Violations from the left hand toolbar. You can filter for just your apartment or see all violations issued for the building.

At the conclusion of the inspection, you will receive information from HPD. One pamphlet will outline your rights and responsibilities and the most common health and safety violations. If you have a child under six, you should also receive a pamphlet regarding lead-based paint.

How can I verify the credentials of the inspector?
Inspectors are uniformed agents who carry HPD identification cards at all times. Ask the inspector to see their identification. If they are not carrying an HPD identification card, call the Division of Code Enforcement for your borough. 


Housing Inspectors may not accept any type of benefit from anyone in order to influence his or her official action. Accepting or offering any benefit is a crime. Housing Inspectors will report such offers to the City's Department of Investigation (DOI). If you wish to report an allegation of improper activity, you can contact DOI at (212) 369-2364 or click the link above. Violators will be prosecuted.