Payments for Landlords

HPD wants to ensure that rental subsidy payments are issued accurately and on time each month. In order to assist HPD in this role, owners should be aware of the following important information.

The New York City Department of Finance issues subsidy payments at HPD's request. Payments will not be issued to owners who have an outstanding lien with any division of the City of New York, e.g., tax liens, parking fines, etc. Owners with questions about an outstanding lien may call the NYC Department of Finance Taxpayers Assistance unit at (718) 935-9500.

Payments will only be made to the deed holder. If there is more than one party listed on the deed, one party must be designated in writing to receive the subsidy payments. In order for an owner to receive subsidy payments from the City of New York, you must be a validated vendor. To become validated for payments, you must supply the following documentation:

  • City of New York Substitute W9 form
  • Deed
  • Tax ID number verification document:
    • If the owner is a corporation or organization, IRS issued confirmation EIN issued within the last 12 months from the date of submission to HPD
    • If the owner is an individual, a clear copy of that individual’s Social Security card

Any questions or concerns regarding the submission of these documents should be directed to the Owner Registration Unit at (917) 286-4300. In the event that a subsidized property is sold and/or the owner's address and contact information changes, HPD must be notified promptly using the appropriate form.

Owners may view their current contact information and payment information online using the DTR Partner Portal. Once an owner has an assisted tenant receiving subsidy payments, they are eligible to register for an account.