Landlord Requirements

Participating as an owner in one of HPD's rental subsidy programs helps provide critical affordable housing to New Yorkers in need. As an owner, you will also benefit from guaranteed monthly rent payments, low vacancy rates, and annual inspections by HPD at no cost to ensure maximum property upkeep. Property owners interested in leasing apartments to HPD rental subsidy clients may list available apartments at GoSection8, using the Go Section 8 Listing Form. The apartment listing maintained via this service is provided to all HPD clients that are seeking housing.

Owners that rent an apartment to a subsidized household will sign a Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP) (or Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) for the TDAP program) which details the responsibilities of both parties, including but not limited to the following:

  • Tenant selection and leasing based on a family's tenancy history
  • Normal landlord functions during the lease term, e.g., maintenance, rent collection
  • Collecting amounts due from family under the lease (tenant rent, security deposit, other tenant charges for damage to the unit)
  • Compliance with equal opportunity requirements
  • Paying for owner-supplied utilities and services
  • Providing reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities
  • Notifying HPD of rent increases and when a tenant vacates an apartment

Owners are required to execute a lease with their tenants. Owners have the same responsibilities for managing their leases and property with tenants receiving rental subsidies as they do for non-subsidized tenants. Tenants may not damage the unit or otherwise violate their leases. Tenants must pay their portion of the rent in a timely fashion. Just as owners are responsible for enforcing the terms of their leases with non-subsidized tenants, owners must enforce the terms of their leases with subsidized tenants.

If an owner has difficulty enforcing the terms of the lease with a subsidized tenant, for example, tenant-caused damage, housekeeping problems or non-payment, provide documentation of the problem to HPD. HPD will review the matter and, if necessary, warn tenants to uphold their responsibilities under the lease. Serious and repeated violations of an Owner's lease are grounds for termination of a tenant's rental subsidy assistance.

Owners may NOT hold assisted tenants responsible for the HPD portion of the rent. If you have a payment problem with the HPD portion of the rent, do not attempt to collect it from the tenant. Instead, contact HPD at 917-286-4300.