Doing Business with HPD

Doing Business with HPD

Visit the PassPort website

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) has implemented a new procurement system called PASSPort, the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal. PASSPort will replace the paper-based VENDEX process and will become the primary portal to do business with the City.

All vendors who intend to do business with HPD or any other City agency are required to complete an online disclosure form through Passport.

Please contact the PASSPort support team with any questions or concerns at:


The Payee Information Portal (PIP) is a service that allows vendors to become a payee for the City of New York. It allows you to manage your account information, view financial transactions with the City, enroll in direct deposit, and more.

For questions regarding the status of payment for work performed or other issues related to invoices, checks, or vouchers, call 212-863-6879. For questions regarding the status of a Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment, call 917-286-4300.

Fiscal Manual

The HPD Fiscal Manual provides vendors with information on the agency’s payment procedures, requirements for the maintenance of books and records related to payment requisitions, the agency’s Right to Audit, and additional related procedures.

Effective July 1, 2019, the NYC Health and Human Services Cost Policies and Procedures Manual was incorporated into and made part of the HPD Fiscal Manual. If there is a conflict between the terms of the HPD Fiscal Manual, the Cost Manual shall take precedence.

Compliance and Reporting

Vendors working with HPD should be aware of various compliance requirements pertaining to a range of items including campaign contributions, labor monitoring, payroll submission, training opportunities for low-income residents, background checks, equal opportunity employment, transparency, and fair and equitable marketing practices. Learn more about compliance and reporting.