Enterprise Green Communities Criteria

Enterprise Green Communities Criteria

Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Overview

The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria (EGCC) constitute the only comprehensive green building framework designed for affordable housing. The criteria provide proven, cost-effective standards for creating healthy and energy-efficient homes. All new construction and substantial rehabilitation projects receiving funding from New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) must comply with the New York City Overlay (NYC Overlay) to EGGG.

Guidance on Which Projects May Use the 2015 Overlay

HPD’s goal is to promote the use of the 2020 Overlay for all projects. However, certain projects that were affected by delays related to COVID-19 may be allowed to proceed with the 2015 Overlay. Development teams should check in with the Director of the HPD Loan Program ASAP to discuss applicability. Note that projects will not be approved by HPD to proceed with 2015 Prebuild without prior approval of the Program Director.

All other projects will be required to certify under the 2020 Overlay, and only under special pre-approved circumstances will projects that close in 2022 or beyond be allowed to use the 2015 Criteria.

Note that projects that receive HPD permission to certify under the 2015 Overlay will need to have their HPD-approved Prebuild applications submitted to Enterprise by October 2020. Projects with closings beyond December 2020 will be encouraged and may be required to implement certain easy-to-achieve measures from the 2020 Overlay.

Development teams are encouraged to discuss these requirements with their respective Program Directors as soon as possible.

2020 EGCC and NYC Overlay

The 2020 EGCC and NYC Overlay focuses on adopting a “Path to Zero” for energy efficiency and carbon emissions, prioritizing community health and well-being, and ensuring that our buildings “can withstand disasters that can upend lives and destroy whole communities.” New York City's Overlay further promotes these goals by aligning with City's goals of carbon neutrality and climate resiliency to promote the healthy, safety, and prosperity of New Yorkers.

Ensuring high quality, safe and healthy homes for all New Yorkers has never been so important. In this time of crisis due to COVID-19, the need for our work to respond to multiple risks and everyday threats is amplified – like the ill effects of climate change and housing affordability.

There are two prerequisites for the certification of projects: a Solar Feasibility Analysis and Green Communities Trainings for building owners, architects, and contractors.

2015 EGCC and NYC Overlay


Contact an HPD's Sustainability Officer at GreenCommunities@hpd.nyc.gov or Enterprise Green Communities at certification@enterprisecommunity.org.