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Housing Choice

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Housing Choice is a pilot program, launched in July 2018, to help HPD Section 8 voucher holders access greater housing options in higher opportunity areas. HPD has increased the maximum rental subsidy in these higher opportunity areas, called Exception Payments Standard (EPS) areas, where there are well-resourced schools and lower rates of poverty and crime.

HPD is actively seeking property owners in EPS Areas to join the Housing Choice program. See if your property is within an EPS Area by using the Payment Standard Lookup Tool

Exception Payment Standards

Exception Payment Standards are based on the federal Small Area Fair Market Rent that allow for a maximum level of subsidy based at the zip code level, which better aligns the level of subsidy with the local market rents.

Exception Payment Standards apply to all HPD Section 8 program applicants and participants. Learn more about Payment Standards

Owner Support

The program provides financial incentives to owners and brokers:

  • Bonuses at lease signing:
    • One month rent issued to owners
    • 15% annual rent issued to brokers
  • Assistance from an HPD Property Owner liaison

Tenant Support

The program provides specialized counseling and services for voucher holders: 

  • Pre-move counseling to help with credit repair, banking, budgeting, saving, and housing search. 
  • Financial assistance including the security deposit, fees, and travel to apartment viewings. 



For more information about Housing Choice, please send an email to housingchoice@hpd.nyc.gov and someone from the team will get back to you.