Housing Connect Application Guides

Housing Connect Application Guides

*Important COVID-19 Update*: To help us do everything we can to move New Yorkers into affordable housing as quickly as possible, we have made several changes to the lottery process. Please see the answers to frequently asked questions below.

COVID-19 and Housing Connect FAQs

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My earning potential (income) has changed. How would this affect my income eligibility for a housing lottery?

If your income has changed between the time you applied for a project and the time you are contacted to determine your eligibility for a project you applied for, don’t worry. Your eligibility for affordable housing is determined on the day that your eligibility is reviewed by a Marketing Agent. If your income has changed, this may mean that you qualify for different projects or different units in projects that you have already applied for. Be sure to read closely if you receive an ineligibility notice, as this notice will tell you why you were determined ineligible and give you an opportunity to appeal the decision.

Keep in mind that if you lost your job or are working reduced hours, you can still report unemployment income, gift income received from family and friends, or disability income as household income on your application.

Try using our Income Guide below to calculate your income based on your current situation.

If I am contacted for a lottery eligibility appointment, how can I submit my documents?

HPD is working with Marketing Agents to minimize the social contact that comes with eligibility appointments. Please reach out to the Marketing Agent directly to learn if they have a procedure to accept your documents by fax, mail, or in-person drop-off.

If you received a notice for an in-person appointment with no other option, please contact us so that we may find out what the alternatives are. Please email us at nychousingconnect@hpd.nyc.gov or call 212-863-7990 and leave a voice message with your name and number.

Will there be a delay in the lottery selection process?

Affordable housing lotteries are still taking place and many Marketing Agents are teleworking while reviewing applications and contacting applicants to determine their eligibility. If you are contacted about a lottery, you will be instructed on how to proceed with the eligibility process or an appeal process if determined ineligible.

Please read the entire notice received for instructions and response deadlines. We do ask for your patience since response times per Marketing Agent may vary.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made several changes to the lottery process, designed to move New Yorkers into affordable homes faster and easier, while maintaining a clear and consistent process with strong protections for applicants. These include:

  • Faster appeal timeline: The appeal period for rejected applicants has been reduced from 10 business das to five business days. It will be event more important that applicants prepare their documents early and submit their appeals on time. Applicants who request to be contacted via paper-mail, rather than email, will be contacted by telephone to inform them of their rejection and their opportunity to appeal.
  • Getting started sooner: Now, applicants will be asked to confirm their interest in an available affordable unit within give days (either by email or phone) of being contacted by a marketing agent. We have implemented this new timeline to get interested applicants started with the eligibility review process faster.
  • Relaxed document requirements: For select housing developments, applicants will be asked to submit fewer documents in order to verify student status, income, and assets.

Will there be a suspension or delay in processing lottery applications at HPD?

Although our office is teleworking, all processes related to the housing lotteries are still in operation.

New NYC Housing Connect

The new NYC Housing Connect is here! Learn more and sign up and create a new account.

How to Apply

Applicants may elect to submit an application by one of two methods: either online or by mail. To submit an application online, visit the NYC Housing Connect. To submit an application by mail, you must follow the directions listed in the advertisement. Completed original paper applications must be returned by regular mail only. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. After the deadline, applications are selected for review through a lottery process.

Application Guides

Before applying, please take time to read and review our helpful guides below with more information about getting ready to apply, what to expect, calculating your income, and after you apply. The guides below are currently being updated, though these versions continue to be useful for applicants preparing to apply for affordable housing.

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Applying for Affordable Housing *Updated June 2020*

Ready, Set, Apply!

Income Guide

Affordable Housing Eligible Income Levels by Household Size

Use this chart that helps explain the income categories we use to determine eligibility for affordable housing, which vary by household size, so you can see where you and your family fit in.

Does my income qualify me for affordable housing?

After You Apply

If your application is selected, this After You Apply guide provides checklists and resources to help you prepare for your affordable housing interview.


To hear information in different languages about how to apply, please call: 

  • English: 212-863-5610
  • Spanish: 212-863-5620
  • Cantonese: 212-863-8925
  • Haitian Creole: 212-863-8939
  • Korean: 212-863-8979
  • Mandarin: 212-863-8924
  • Russian: 212-863-8936
  • Arabic: 212-863-8961