Marketing Agent PQL

This Pre-Qualified List (PQL) of Marketing Agents identifies entities to assume the marketing, lease-up, and sales responsibilities for City-sponsored affordable housing in HPD and/or HDC’s Marketing Affordability and Oversight Units’ portfolio.

Developers of City-sponsored affordable housing in HPD and/or HDC’s Marketing Affordability and Oversight Units’ portfolio must propose a Qualified Marketing Agent for HPD and/or HDC approval to begin marketing prior to each marketing effort, as required by HPD and HDC’s Marketing Handbook: Policies and Procedures for Resident Selection and Occupancy (Marketing Handbook). The Marketing Handbook and accompanying attachments are available on HPD’s website.

This PQL will be updated on a rolling basis with additional firms selected from the Qualified Marketing Agent RFQ.

Marketing Agents

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Bronx Pro Group LLC

Contact: Samantha C Magistro
Phone: 718-294-5840 x321
Address: 1605 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Bronx NY 10453

Bronx Pro Group is a women owned, neighborhood-based firm dedicated to community development through affordable housing investments. Bronx Pro's mission is to develop high quality affordable housing that is sustainable and builds thriving communities. The company and its affiliates employ full time professionals and support staff engaged in Real Estate Development, Construction, Property Management, and Resident Services.

CGMR Compliance Partners

Contact: Mary Ramos
Phone: 631-910-6205
Address: PO Box 440, Wading River, NY 11792

Affordable housing is one of the nation's top priorities. Low-Income Housing Tax Credits give housing developers the opportunity to provide high quality, affordable housing and still generate profits. CGMR Compliance Partners ensures that your developments meet regulatory standards, tenant eligibility requirements and project deadlines.

We are a 100% women-owned business and are WBE Certified in NYC and NYS. We serve a wide range of clientele and can customize services to meet the unique needs of housing providers, developers, investors and syndicators.

City5 Consulting

Contact: Isaac Katz
Phone: 212-571-3003
Address: 1115 Broadway, 10th fl New York, NY 10010

City5 Consulting is among the most trusted real estate consultants that NYC property owners, developers, and management firms turn to. With intimate knowledge of property compliance, attentiveness to any changes in legislation, and an emphasis on reducing exposure to risk and minimizing liability, we help our clients wade through complex regulations with clarity and confidence.

City5 is an approved marketing agent for  affordable housing lotteries for 421-a, Inclusionary Housing, LIHTC and other affordable housing projects.

Conformity Habitat LLC

Contact: Maria Baez
Phone: 347-770-0693
Address: 33 Bond Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Conformity Habitat strives to assist developers in their mission of leasing up Affordable Housing, with transparency and professionalism.

Diamond Mine Real Estate

Contact: Nadira Taylor
Phone: 516-425-5028
Address: 175-11 148th Rd, Suite 205 Jamaica NY 11434

The main goal for Diamond Mine Real Estate has been to offer opportunities for families and individuals seeking affordable housing, whether through purchasing or renting. Also to help create job opportunities and help build generational wealth for its employees and independent contractors. Inline with the goal, Nadira is a mentor to new entrepreneurs in NY through the BE NYC Mentorship program.

Fordham-Bedford Housing Corporation

Contact: Rosanna Viera
Phone: 718-367-3200

Housing Partnership Development Corporation

Contact: John Abramo
Phone: 646-217-3375
Address: 253 W 35th St, 3rd Flr, NY, NY 10018

iAfford NY

Contact: Moshe Gutman
Phone: 718-412-2600 x106
Address: 670 Myrtle Avenue PMB #134 Brooklyn, NY 11205

iAfford NY, is an HPD approved marketing Agency that conveniently leases out the assigned affordable units through the NYC HPD Housing Connect System. With many projects completed in record time, We are known to be the primary marketing agency in New York City with our structure of operations. Our efficient system accelerates the process infinitely. Our firm proudly guides through the involved process with experience and high efficiency.


Contact: Michael Reed
Phone: 718-219-3024
Address: 142-05 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica N.Y. 11436

Complying with affordable housing marketing guidelines is a unique skill. INFINITE HORIZONS, LLC and its Marketing Management Team have collectively maneuvered through the lottery logistics to stabilize developments for our clients for 30+ years.

INFINITE HORIZONS, LLC is a  Certified MBE by NYC and NYS, and we specialize in Home Ownership Marketing and Consultancy.

MGNY Consulting Corp.

Contact: Yuri Geylik
Phone: 718-522-1111
Address: 109 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

Delivering high-impact expertise in affordable housing and property tax management.

MHANY Management, Inc.

Contact: Ismene Speliotis
Phone: 718-246-8080 x203
Address: 470 Vanderbilt Avenue, 9th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11238

MHANY's mission incorporates the highest standards in the service of human rights, gender equality, access and opportunity for low-income and immigrant families in NYC/NJ. Towards that end, MHANY is committed to promoting, developing and managing affordable housing in New York. MHANY's mission is:

  • To increase affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income families by continuing to identify and implement housing development initiatives; with a particular focus on preservation
  • To change the way affordable housing for low and moderate income people is developed and operated
  • To work with current residents of our buildings to improve community conditions and increase neighborhood participation
  • To increase and preserve generational wealth in immigrant and communities of color through homeownership.

Phipps Houses

Contact: Kathy Hecht
Phone: 646-388-8331
Address: Box 257, 353 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Phipps Houses is the oldest and largest not-for-profit developer, owner, and manager of affordable housing in New York City. Its social services affiliate, Phipps Neighborhoods, provides children, youth and families in low-income neighborhoods the opportunities they need to thrive through comprehensive workforce and education programs, and access to community and economic empowerment services. Together they are changing lives in New York City.

Plaza Marketing (a subsidiary of Plaza Management USA Inc)

Contact: Jacob Bernat
Phone: 718-243-2889 x101
Address: 50 Rutledge Street #503 Brooklyn, NY 11249

Plaza Marketing provides full service leasing solutions for your affordable housing portfolio. We will ensure that your property meets full regulatory compliance in an efficient and accelerated manner.

Pronto Housing

Contact: KC Crosby
Phone: 833-392-2002
Address: 101 Greenwich Street, Suite 402, New York, NY 10014

Pronto Housing is a full-service affordable housing compliance and leasing company, with an emphasis on compliance due diligence. We specialize in compliance for tax exempt and tax credit programs, as well as HUD programs.

Created to address the need for efficient, reliable, and easy compliance monitoring, Pronto created an innovative software solution that dramatically improves the affordable housing compliance process for property owners, residents and applicants.

Reliable Building Management Services

Contact: Gwendolyn Horner
Phone: 917-907-4469
Address: 1007 East 174th Street Suite A3, Bronx, NY 10460

No Steps Skipped - Doing the right things in the right order at the right time.


Contact: Anna Martynova
Phone: 212-571-3003
Address: 11115 Broadway, 10th fl, New York, NY 10010

Rentability is a non profit organization that serves as an intermediary for New York City in the creation and preservation of affordable housing. Our mission is achieved through advocacy, education, and the promotion of affordable housing to local communities. We work alongside Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) among other government agencies, as well as with community leaders, and public officials.

To further advance our objective, Rentability maintains close working relationships with building owners and real estate developers and informs them of the many specialized programs and services available that mutually benefit both their properties and the residents of New York City.

As an authorized Administering Agent for HPD, Rentability oversees the necessary compliance for building owners who enter into a Regulatory Agreement or Restrictive Declaration with the city. We have extensive experience with the programs developers utilize including Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH), Voluntary Inclusionary Housing (VIH), Cure, Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors (AIRS), and PFASH Programs.

Reside Affordable Inc

Contact: Sam Rosenberg
Phone: 718-387-4448
Address: 349 Keap Street, Brooklyn NY 11211

As an Administering Agent, Reside Affordable's mission is committed in delivering affordable housing opportunities to all New Yorker in need of permanent housing. New Yorkers in need AND developers waiting for their investments' return, are both winners when choosing Reside Affordable.

Speed, efficiency, simplicity, and compliance combined will give you the "Reside Experience."

The proof is in the thousands of New Yorkers who now have a proper place to call home.

Reside New York LLC

Contact: Sam Rosenberg
Phone: 718-387-4448
Address: 349 Keap Street, Brooklyn NY 11211

Reside New York is committed to delivering affordable housing opportunities in a win-win setup.

New Yorkers in need of housing AND developers waiting for their investments' return, are both winners when choosing Reside New York.

Speed, efficiency, simplicity, and compliance combined will give you the "Reside Experience."

Restored Homes

Contact: Annie Stefanski
Phone: 212-584-8981
Address: 150 Broadway, Suite 2101

Restored Homes Housing Development Fund Corporation (Restored Homes) develops, on a not-for-profit basis, housing projects for individuals and families of low- and moderate- income. In addition to promoting affordable homeownership opportunities, Restored Homes seeks to eliminate blight and foster the stabilization of communities throughout New York City.

Restored Homes works in close collaboration with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), and with the support of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC). Through its established partnerships with government, lenders, and community partners, Restored Homes has remained at the forefront of affordable homeownership programs focused on one- to four- family homes through successfully acquiring, rehabilitating, and marketing distressed properties to low- and moderate- income households. Restored Homes also draws on its extensive knowledge of housing rehabilitation and affordable housing development in providing construction management services and technical assistance to its partners.

SCT Compliance, LLC

Contact: Viviana Vazquez
Phone: 347-665-3791
Address: 762 Jefferson Street, Baldwin NY 11510

SCT Compliance, is dedicated to assisting clients with consulting for all Affordable Housing Compliance Programs. Providing in-depth assistance on HUD, LIHTC, HOME, Section 202/8, Section 236, Mitchell Lama, HUD-50058 and Section 8 resident file compliance.

Full scope of Marketing, pre-occupancy and Lease-up requirements for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit lottery management is our area of expertise!....

Located in the New York State area, we are familiar with state and local requirements and are available for site visits across the NYC metropolitan area.

Spring Leasing and Management, LLC

Contact: Sharon Smith
Phone: 516-665-0015
Address: 401 Franklin Avenue, Suite 314, Garden City, NY 11530

Spring Leasing and Management, LLC (SLM), is committed to providing best in class marketing, lease-up and property management services to New York City developers and owners of market rate and affordable housing.

The company's mission is to ensure that all projects are efficiently and effectively managed by utilizing time tested, proven management principles combined with a high level of customer service to our residents.

Sycamore Birch Management LLC

Contact: Mark Bourbeau
Phone: 917-993-9900
Address: 869 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx NY 10462

Property Management and full service Marketing agent in the Bronx.

Tax Solute Consulting

Contact: Sam Posner
Phone: 718-650-6570
Address: 670 Flushing Avenue suite 316 Brooklyn N.Y. 11206

Since 2018, Tax Solute Consulting LLC has been proudly guiding developers and tenants alike within the Agency's complex confines of the marketing, tenant selection, lease-up, and ongoing compliance logistics and regulatory requirements for numerous LIHTC, 70/30 Affordable Housing NY Program eligible projects. To date, we have successfully managed and leased up a sizeable quantity of affordable units throughout New York City. We continuously strive to identify and implement best practices in our approach to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, all the while trying to maintain and improve the vibrancy, diversity, and integration of all individual communities that comprise our great city.

Our entire staff has a substantive understating of various incentive programs and policies related to neighborhood development that is specifically aimed at improving lives, strengthening low-income communities, and generating social change.

Our past and ongoing projects and collaborations clearly manifest how we aim to deliver support to the Agency through fostering fair housing and enhancing equal housing opportunities for all members of our society, especially the less fortunate. As the managing director and president of Tax Solute Consulting LLC, Sam Posner is fully accredited by HPD with Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Inclusionary Housing Administering Agent, and Affordable 421a (16) Marketing Agent Certifications. He and his diverse and growing, multi-lingual staff are extremely knowledgeable in conducting accurate initial eligibility and ongoing compliance reviews of potential tenants for affordable housing; lottery and Housing Connect procedures; advertising of affordable units through community and public outreach efforts; painstaking maintenance of all records and waiting lists; and proper processing of all applicants within the purview of specific occupancy requirements of each project while utilizing pertinent Fair Housing policies and all other aspects of requisite rules and regulations.

Transitional Services for New York, Inc.

Contact: Joseph N. Center
Phone: 718-640-3610
Address: 10-16 162 Street, Whitestone, NY 11357

A not-for-profit organization providing services to individuals with mental illness. TSINY provides a broad spectrum of client-centered services to support growth and empower individuals to achieve increased levels of independence and self- reliance.

UHAB | Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

Contact: Marina Metalios
Phone: 212-479-3307
Address: 120 Wall St, 20th Fl, New York, NY 10005

UHAB empowers low- to moderate-income residents to take control of their housing and enhance communities by creating strong tenant associations and lasting affordable co-ops.

Urban Ecospaces, Inc.

Contact: Tamia Perry
Phone: 929-575-6500
Address: 36-35 Bell Blvd, Suite 302, Bayside, NY 11361

To empower people, enhance communities, and foster equitable opportunities by developing and building healthy and sustainable places to live, learn, work, play, and socialize.