Vendor Contract Opportunities

Vendor Contract Opportunities

HPD issues small and large contracts for a variety of opportunities to work with the City. All vendors who intend to do business with HPD or any other City agency are required to complete an online disclosure form through PASSPort. Learn more about doing business with HPD. 

Large contracts (over $100,000) are awarded through the issuance of competitive sealed bids; negotiated acquisitions and requests for proposals. The contract opportunities listed below are advertised through the City Record. Contractors are encouraged to register with the City Record to view opportunities on a daily basis.

For some large contracts, vendors may be required to submit bid security at the time of bidding, and Payment and Performance Bonds upon contract award. In addition, there are insurance requirements for general liability coverage, worker's compensation and automobile liability outlined in the bid package. Contractors must factor into their bid prices all costs associated with applicable insurance and bonding requirements as well as factors of inflation.

Bid packages are available to contractors at a non-refundable cost of $25.00. However, prospective contractors may review bid documents at the offices of HPD if they do not wish to purchase them.

HPD strongly encourages prospective bidders to attend a pre-bid conference. Contractors are also reminded that bid opening times are strictly adhered to and that concessions are not usually granted for late submission of bids.

HPD received bids on July 30, 2021 for Gas-Fired Heating Plants. Bids were opened and read out publicly, via Webex meeting. Recording of the Bid Opening. The unofficial, as-read bid results are at Bid Tabulation Document. Bids are subject to correction, as well as evaluation as to their responsiveness to the terms of the solicitation. Bidders considered for award are subject to a determination of their responsibility to receive award(s).

Current Opportunities

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Lead Paint Abatement Services and Healthy Homes Repairs – EPIN 80621B0371

New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) sought bids for Lead Paint Abatement Services and Healthy Homes Repairs – 2 Awards to cover all boroughs, E-PIN 80621B0371. Bids were due on 7/29/21 by 2PM in PASSPort and by commercial delivery service to HPD. The Bid opening was held on 7/29/21 at 3PM via WebEx. Please find the recording of the Bid Opening here.

Contact Wataru Nakai,, 646-210-5163 or Sarah Hovde,, 347-563-3736. Bid results will be posted on this page. 

Contracts subject to all provisions as required by Federal, State and Local Statutes, Rules and Regulations. Procurement subject to participation goals for M/WBEs as required by Local Law 1 of 2013.

Invitation for Bids for Payroll Services - PIN: 80621B036

New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) seeks bids for Payroll Services. PIN: 80621B036. Visit PASSport to view and respond to this solicitation: Search for ‘Payroll Services’

There will be no virtual and/or in-person Pre-Bid Conference. Bids will be due by 5/14/2021 at 2:00 P.M. Members of the public may attend the bid opening at 2:00 P.M. on the same date via Webex Internet/telephone conference only (in person attendance is not available)

Meeting website:

Meeting #: 129 819 6956 Password: jyB7VPy23Nm OR Join by phone: 646-992-2010 US Toll (NYC) or 408-418-9388 US Toll Access code: 129 819 6956

Contact Robert Turbiak,, 646-413-0121.

Contracts subject to all provisions as required by Federal, State and Local Statutes, Rules and Regulations.

SANBORN MAP UPDATES - Sole Source - Available only from a single source - PIN# 80620S0001  

HPD intends to enter into a Sole Source contract with The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. The vendor will deliver, maintain and update digital geo-referenced raster imagery data and PDF maps that are used by the Environmental units, Sandy residency Build It Back program, architects and engineers from Building and Land Development Services, planners, developers and Services of Office of Development.p>

Click the following link to access the notice on the City Record Online (CROL):

Please email your concerns and bid to:

Gaurav Channan, Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer

New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development

100 Gold Street 8B06 New York, NY 10038


Additional Resources

  • M/WBE Videos

HPD hosted Contracting Opportunities Emergency Demolition and Repair on July 14, 2021, for M/WBE Contractors. The video details three contract opportunities made available in the event of a disaster. It also provides basic information on PASSPort and HPDs pre-qualified lists. The video features guests from the U.S Small Business Administration and the New York City Department of Small Business Services. Both guests detail the services their agencies provide to small business owners and contact information.