Resources for Vendors

Top Ten Things to Know

How do I register as a prospective bidder or proposer?

HPD, like all City agencies, uses the Citywide Bidders list, maintained by the Mayor's Office of Contracts Services (MOCS), to obtain the names of vendors to whom solicitation notices will be mailed. The City of New York’s new procurement system, PASSPort, the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal will be available as of August 1, 2017. Vendors interested in doing business with the City of New York, should enroll on the City’s PASSPort System. You can access the PASSPort website by clicking on the link:  Once you register, you will receive an email when HPD (or any other City agency) is publicly soliciting for bids or proposals for the type of work your company does. You may also be eligible to participate in solicitations that are not publicly advertised.

In addition, HPD maintains Pre-qualified Lists (PQL) for certain construction/service trades. Prequalification allows an agency to evaluate the qualifications of vendors for particular categories of work before issuing a solicitation. Only those firms that meet the pre-qualification standards can participate in solicitations for that category of work. Applications may be obtained by calling HPD's Contractor Compliance Unit at (212)-863-7815.

What types of contracts are awarded?

Small Purchases

For housing maintenance and repairs as well as demolition small purchases, Contractors are selected from a pre-qualified panel of vendors established by HPD's Contractor Compliance Unit. To obtain pre-qualified status, contractors must complete appropriate forms and submit relevant licenses, references etc. to the CCU. For further information on how to get onto the pre-qualified panel, contact the Contractor Compliance Unit at 212-863-7815. More

Large Purchases (>$100,000)

Large purchases are awarded through the issuance of competitive sealed bids; negotiated acquisitions and requests for proposals. Advertisements of contract opportunities are done via directly mailed notices and publication in the City Record. More

How will I receive payment?

Vendors can sign up for electronic funds transfer. City payments will be deposited directly into a vendor's account of choice. Funds will appear in the account within two business days of processing. No more lost checks or delays due to misrouted mail. It's safe, secure and easy to enroll. More 

What do I have to do to comply with regulations?

Pre-Award Conferences

Weekly Pre-Award Conferences inform contractors of the equal opportunity, labor, business outreach, and fair housing mandates included in agency contracts. All contractors, both prime and lower tier, entering into contracts or loan agreements with HPD are required to attend the conference once every two years.

Equal Opportunity (EO) Packages

The Labor Standards Unit (LSU) of the Division of Architecture, Construction and Engineering (DACE) is responsible for processing the equal opportunity documents, commonly referred to as the EO package. The EO package verifies a firm's awareness of equal opportunity, labor standards and fair housing which are incorporated in the awarded contract. The EO package is a requirement of all prime and lower tier contractors.

The submitted documents are reviewed for completion. If the firm is found to be in compliance, an EO contract clearance document is generated and issued for contract registration. In addition, a representative of the contracting firm attends a Pre-Award Conference once every two years. Questions regarding EO clearances should first be directed to the HPD program area with which contractors are working.

Who selects the winning proposal?

All proposals are reviewed by an Evaluation Committee comprised of at least three (3) HPD employees with knowledge, expertise and experience sufficient to conduct fair and reasonable evaluations. Proposals are evaluated numerically based on criteria described in the RFP, and the scores are then compiled by the Committee Chair. Cost proposals are then opened and using the "Basis for Contract Award' criteria set out in the RFP, a recommendation is then made to HPD's Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO), who makes the final selection.

The evaluation and selection process can take a number of months to complete.

How long does it take for a contract to be awarded?

The timeframe does vary, but generally the process takes 4 to 6 months from the bid opening date in the case of Competitively Sealed Bids, or, in the case of Competitively Sealed Proposals, 6 to 9 months, maybe more, from the time your proposal is selected until you can start work.

I'm a small contractor, do I need to go through the formal bidding process to do work with HPD?

No. HPD uses the Citywide Bidders List for what is known as "Small Purchases" where a list of randomly selected vendors is generated and bid solicitations are sent directly to those vendors identified. In the case of certain construction and service trades where HPD maintains a Pre-Qualified List (PQL), vendors from the PQL are also randomly selected to participate. The City's Small Purchase limit is currently set at $100,000.

Registration with the Citywide Bidders List does not automatically qualify you for inclusion on any particular PQL. You must go through a specific application process to be eligible to participate in work solicited through a PQL. 

What is PASSPort (formerly VENDEX) and how do I enroll and file my disclosure information?

PASSPort (the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal) is the City's new procurement system available for vendor enrollment beginning on August 1, 2017. Upon receiving a login and password, vendors will be able to enroll and complete their disclosure filings electronically. This system is replacing VENDEX, which will mean paper submissions, including certifications of no change to existing VENDEX packages will no longer be accepted in lieu of enrollment and completion of the disclosure filing in the PASSPort system.

All organizations intending to do business with HPD should complete an online disclosure process to be considered for a contract. In anticipation of awards, all potential bidders and proposers are requested to create online accounts in PASSPort and file all disclosure information. This new system will allow vendors to maintain their disclosure filings on line and will accept digital signatures in lieu of notarized “wet” signatures.

For more information about PASSPort, please visit or contact the PASSPort support team with any questions:

What is the Procurement Policy Board and how can I obtain the current Rules?

The Procurement Policy Board is the body which sets procurement policy for all City agencies. Its members are appointed by the New York City Comptroller and the Mayor. The Rules of the Procurement Policy Board (PPBR) govern the procurement of goods, services and construction within the City.

Read the Procurement Rules