Vendor Opportunities and Process

Are you looking for opportunities to work with the City of New York?

HPD issues small and large contracts for a variety of opportunities to work with the City.

For small contracts up to $100,000, HPD maintains lists of prequalified contractors from which it can draw to promptly and effectively perform needed maintenance and repairs in residential buildings as well as emergency work. Learn more about the lists and how to become a prequalified vendor.

For large contracts that exceed the $100,000 limit, see HPD's current contract opportunities which are advertised through the City Record. Contractors are encouraged to register with the City Record to view opportunities on a daily basis.

Vendors can also find more information about the City's new PASSPort procurement system, procurement, and payments.

Vendors working with HPD should also be aware of various compliance and reporting requirements.

Vendors interested in subcontracting opportunities with HPD are encouraged to consult the SBS Subcontractor Resource Guide