Rental Assistance

CityFHEPS Documents

Important forms and documents for CityFHEPS applicants, clients, landlords, and others:

Application Documents

  1. Website Clearance Checklist
  2. Apartment Review Checklist
  3. Apartment Review Guidance
  4. Program Participant Agreement:
  5. Room Rental Allocation Form (for rooms only)
  6. Tenant Contact Information
  7. Request for Emergency Assistance:

Additional Documents for Clients in Shelter

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Rental Assistance Key Release Agreement and Check Distribution:
  3. CityFHEPS FAQ for Clients in Shelter:

Documents for Community-Based and Provider Organizations

  1. CBO Cover Sheet
  2. Provider Verification of Eligibility
  3. Apartment and SRO Application:
  4. Room Application:
  5. CityFHEPS FAQ for clients at risk of entering shelter:

Documents for Landlords and Brokers

  1. Change of Payee for CityFHEPS Payments
  2. Landlord Statement of Understanding – Apartment Rentals
  3. Landlord Statement of Understanding – Room and SRO Rentals
  4. Unit Hold Incentive Voucher
  5. Security Voucher
  6. Rental Assistance Key Release Agreement and Check Distribution:
  7. Broker's Request for Enhanced Payment
  8. Landlord/Broker FAQ