Health Assistance

Health Assistance

Health Insurance Options

HRA’s Medical Assistance Program can help New Yorkers who qualify enroll in public health insurance programs like Medicaid. HRA accepts applications from residents who are age 65 or over, persons of any age who are living with a disability or blindness, persons who are in receipt of Medicare and are not a parent or caretaker relative of minor children, and former foster young adults under age 26. Call the HRA Medicaid Helpline at 1-888-692-6116 for more information or visit a Medicaid Office to apply. During the COVID-19 Emergency, applications may be submitted via fax to 917-639-0732.

Medicaid clients who have lost their EBT cards and have a change of address, should contact the Medicaid helpline to update their contact information at 888-692-6116 to update their address. Clients can also use the MAP-751K form below to make this change and fax it to 917-639-0837.


Medicaid clients who have case changes that require additional documentation should use the MAP-751W form below. The documentation should also be submitted with the MAP-751W.


Request an application for Medicaid Housekeeping Services or ask home care questions by calling the CASA Office in your borough.

Other consumers must apply to the NY State of Health at or by calling 1-855-355-5777.

HRA’s Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access also has resources for individuals and small businesses who want to learn more about public and private health insurance, including the Affordable Care Act.

You can also find fact sheets and brochures to better understand your health insurance and coverage options under ACA.

COVID-19 Easements

New Applications:

Clients may attest to all elements of eligibility except Immigration Status and Identity, if immigration document does not also prove identity. Copies of documents that prove immigration/identity status should still be submitted. Do not submit original documents. If clients are unable to submit this documentation due to the COVID-19 Emergency, the application should still be submitted. Clients will be given an opportunity to submit the documents later. Clients whose citizenship status is not verified through data sources will also be given an opportunity to submit the documents later.

Clients do not need to provide proof of their Medicare application; this requirement is waived for the period of the COVID-19 emergency.

Call the HRA Medicaid Helpline at 1-888-692-6116 for more information. During the COVID-19 Emergency, applications may be submitted via fax to 917-639-0732.


During the COVID-19 emergency, Medicaid cases with authorization ending in March 2020 through December 2020 and January 2021 through December 2021 will be automatically extended. Any case that is closed for failure to renew or failure to provide documentation during COVID-19 will be re-opened and coverage restored to ensure no gap in coverage. Excess resources cases will be extended for 6 months. Surplus cases will be extended 6 months. See below for information regarding coverage for Surplus cases.

During the week of May 18-23, 2020, Medicaid/ Managed Long Term Care/ Nursing Homes/ Medicare Savings Program Renewal (Recertification) Notices of Intent to close Medicaid cases were sent in error to clients whose renewals were due in May 2020. The Medicaid cases will not close for any of these consumers and coverage will be extended, whether or not the client returned the renewal, as per New York State COVID-19 emergency easements.

The renewal extension applies to all renewal cases including Office of Mail Renewal, MLTC, Nursing Home Eligibility, Medicare Savings Program, MBI-WPD (entitled to 6 months extended grace period if loss of employment), Stenson/Recipients who lose their SSI eligibility and Rosenberg/Recipients who lose their eligibility for cash assistance.


If you met your surplus during the COVID-19 emergency, your coverage will be extended for 6 months. Clients who have a spend down and have been unable to submit a bill or payment due to the COVID-19 emergency should call the Medical Assistance Program Surplus Helpline at 929-221-0835 and leave a voicemail with the following information.

  • Name
  • CIN
  • Phone Number
  • If submitting a bill, please provide the name of the provider, the date of the service, and the amount of the bill.
  • If submitting a payment, please indicate the amount of the payment. Please do not leave credit card information on the voicemail.
  • Clients will only receive a call back if additional information is needed.
  • If the requested information is provided, coverage will be extended for 6 months.