Rental Assistance

I Am a Landlord or Broker

New York City needs your help connecting families and individuals to stable housing with programs like CityFHEPS. CityFHEPS is a rental assistance program that helps families and individuals find and keep housing. It combines seven previous rental assistance programs into one, making it easier for renters, landlords, and the City to work together. There are many potential benefits for landlords and brokers who participate in CityFHEPS, including:

  • Rents that are based on household size and indexed to annual NYC Rent Guidelines Board adjustments
  • The first month's rent in full plus the next three or eleven months' rent supplement up front, as well as a security voucher
  • Monthly rental assistance payments from HRA for up to five years if your tenant continues to meet eligibility requirements
  • Quick and standardized apartment/room clearance
  • A landlord bonus of $4300 at signing
  • A unit hold incentive equal to one month's rent is available to ensure that landlords get paid for the time it takes to move in the tenant they've selected.
  • A broker's fee equal to 15% of the annual rent

Read the CityFHEPS FAQ for Landlords and Brokers
Register an apartment, room, or SRO to rent through CityFHEPS, FHEPS, or SOTA (NYC only)
CityFHEPS Documents
FHEPS Documents

If you have a question about a payment or program issue, you can contact the HRA Rental Assistance Call Center Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm at 929-221-0043 or connect with your local Homebase office by calling 311.

Find out more information about leasing an apartment with CityFHEPS by calling the Public Engagement Unit's Home Support Line at 929-221-0047 or filling out the online form.

Landlords are required to comply with HPD property registration, including registration of Managing Agents, when applicable.  For more information on property registration and/or to register your property or Managing Agent, visit HPD's website.

Landlords must agree to the requirements of the CityFHEPS Landlord Statement of Understanding. Financial incentives from HRA will not be available for the rental of the Unit where the previous tenant was receiving FHEPS, CityFHEPS or another New York City rental assistance program, unless landlords can show good cause for not renewing the previous tenant.

Read the CityFHEPS Landlord Statement of Understanding for Apartment Rentals

Read tge CityFHEPS Landlord Statement of Understanding for Room Rentals