Child Support Services


Employers remit about three-quarters of the total amount collected to pay child support and medical support orders through payroll deductions. By remitting this income and reporting new hires, terminations, and wage and health benefits, employers provide crucial services to help support the financial stability of children and families. Employers are essential partners with the child support program.

Find information, calculators, forms, and videos to help navigate the federal and state requirements for employers to comply with child support. Employers can also call the New York State Child Support Helpline for assistance at 888-208-4485.

Reporting Requirements

Processing Income Withholding Orders

Brochures and Other Information

OCSS Employer Conference Videos

The June 2021 OCSS Employer Conference gave practical guidance for payroll managers and business owners to meet their legal obligations to the child support program while also serving the needs of their employees and their families. Child support experts presented on: