OCSS Jobs and Training

OCSS Jobs and Training

The Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) employment programs are offered to parents who owe child support. These programs provide an opportunity for parents to train for jobs, obtain employment, and establish steady earnings so that they can better support themselves and their children by paying child support.

OCSS programs include Families Forward, the Support Through Employment Program (STEP), and Parent Support Program. Parents who owe support can also get help connecting to jobs and training through Workforce1 and TXT-2-Work, which serve New Yorkers citywide, and through Jobs-Plus, an employment program for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents.

Families Forward Logo

Families Forward, extended through March 2022, provides the skills to start a promising career. Career tracks include cable installation, construction, cybersecurity, commercial driving, IT network support, and woodworking. This free program offers full-time training, job placement and retention services, financial counseling, and child support guidance. Successful participants may also earn reductions in child support debt owed to the government. For information, email FFD@dfa.state.ny.us.


Support Through Employment Program (STEP) has been connecting noncustodial parents to work for over a decade. The program offers job opportunities and training in health care, security, food service, transportation, and other areas, as well as high school equivalency exam preparation. Most jobs found through STEP pay more than the minimum wage. Parents may enroll by speaking to Child Support staff in Family Court. They may also be referred by a Family Court Support Magistrate.

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Parent Support Program connects noncustodial parents to employment, job training, mediation, education, life-skill classes, and other services. The program helps parents meet their child support obligation and build stronger relationships with their children. Noncustodial parents may be referred to the program when they appear in Family Court on their child support case in Manhattan, Bronx, or Brooklyn. An expansion to Queens and Staten Island is expected in early 2021.

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Jobs-Plus is a proven employment program for New York City public housing residents, offering assessment, job readiness, training, job search assistance, referrals for social supports, and child support services.

WorkForce 1 - A Proud Partner of the American Job Center Network

Workforce1 helps New Yorkers prepare for and connect to jobs in every sector across the five boroughs. Parents can get assistance accessing free training, identifying jobs that fit their skills, and preparing for interviews.

TXT-2-Work - Learn about and sign up for our job texting service

HRA's TXT-2-Work sends information about new job openings directly to job seekers' cell phones. Employment opportunities are in healthcare, retail, security, transportation, education, and other fields. Text "Jobs" to 877877 to receive job alerts.