Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance

Rental assistance programs help New Yorkers experiencing homelessness move out of shelter and into stable housing by providing monthly rent supplements. Since 2014, more than 100,000 homeless New Yorkers have found permanent homes through these programs. With more landlords and brokers opening doors for our neighbors in need, we're turning the tide on homelessness in New York City.

The Department of Social Services (DSS), which includes both the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) and the Human Resources Administration (HRA), can help you connect to rental assistance programs like CityFHEPS, and many other programs available through the State and Federal Government.

I Am at Risk of Eviction or Entering Shelter

I Am Currently In Shelter

I Am a Landlord or Broker

I Am Already Receiving a Rent Subsidy or Have a Voucher

Source of Income Discrimination: Know Your Rights When Apartment Hunting

Rental Assistance Programs

Learn More About CityFHEPS

Learn More About FHEPS

Learn More About SOTA

Rental Assistance Forms and Documents

Register an apartment, room, or SRO to rent through CityFHEPS, FHEPS, or SOTA (NYC only)

Open Doors: Resources for New Yorkers Facing Housing Instability

Cover for Open Doors: Resources for New Yorkers Facing Housing Instability

This guide lists the many resources that exist for New Yorkers looking for housing, such as rental assistance. It explains what Source of Income Discrimination is and how we can help. It also provides guidance on navigating the apartment search process.

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