The New Yorkness of the UN

NYC Junior Ambassadors

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NYC Junior Ambassadors is an initiative focused on empowering 7th graders in all five boroughs of New York City to become actively engaged with the United Nations and its mission of addressing the most pressing challenges in the world. The program leverages New York City's unique position as host city to the UN headquarters to enable youth to see themselves as global citizens. The UN is an organization working across the globe towards the maintenance of peace and security, the promotion of sustainable development and the protection of human rights.

Benefits include:

  • Curated tour of the United Nations headquarters matched to the class's curricular interests
  • Classroom visit from a United Nations diplomat who will provide an overview of their role in New York City and within the international community
  • Private year-end event celebration with the entire cohort of NYC Junior Ambassadors at a venue of significance to the history of the UN in NYC
  • Program certificate acknowledging participation as a NYC Junior Ambassador 
New York City 7th grade educators from all subject areas are invited to apply to NYC Junior Ambassadors on behalf of one of their classrooms or afterschool program. Educators are required to include the UN in the classroom/ afterschool curriculum. For example, a science teacher might wish to focus on climate change by developing lesson plans that teach youth about the issue and actions they can take to protect the environment while exposing them to global initiatives the UN is undertaking on climate action.

Visit and learn more information or watch the videos below.


Please contact Ms. Aissata Camara in the Mayor's Office for International Affairs at 212-319-9300 or e-mail with any questions about NYC Junior Ambassadors.