Correction Officer

Correction officers under supervision, maintain security within correctional facilities and is responsible for the custody, control, care, job training and work performance of inmates of detention and sentenced correctional facilities; performs related work. 

  • Supervises inmate meals, visits, recreational programs, and other congregate activities. 
  • Inspects assigned areas for conditions which threaten safety and security; conducts searches in order to detect contraband.  
  • Completes forms and reports; maintains appropriate logs.  
  • Communicates with other area Correction Officers to exchange pertinent information.  
  • Issues verbal orders, announcements and explanations to inmates.  
  • Observes inmates and makes recommendations concerning medical and/or psychiatric referrals.  
  • Safeguards Departmental supplies and equipment.  
  • Escorts inmates within and outside of the facility including their transportation in department vehicles.