New York City Appeals Dismissal of Case Against Oil Companies

November 8, 2018

Law Department Statement

Today, we filed an appeal to reverse a district court ruling that dismissed the City’s case against the five largest, investor-owned fossil fuel companies. The City is seeking to recover the billions of dollars it has spent or would be required to spend to protect the public from the effects of climate change resulting from the firms’ production, sale, and deceptive marketing of fossil fuels.

Warned by their own scientists of the catastrophic weather events that would result from climate changes attributable to the production and use of fossil fuels, these companies protected their own vulnerable assets, while downplaying the seriousness of these threats to the public and the environment.  

As detailed in our brief, the district court should have considered our claims under established legal principles, including nuisance laws, that permit manufacturers to be held liable for selling products with the knowledge that they will cause environmental harm.  



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