Permit Application Forms

LPC is now accepting permit applications by e-filing. Application forms and associated drawings, photographs and other materials must be emailed to LPC at

See e-filing instructions below.

Suggest A Landmark

To suggest a property or area for landmark consideration, submit one of the following forms:

LPC Status Letter

To request a letter stating the landmark status of a property, click on the link below and follow the steps outlined:

Report a Violation

To report illegal work or landmarks in disrepair, submit the following form along with any supporting documentation:

Environmental Review

To request an environmental review, click on the link below to see documentation requirements:

*Not all projects are subject to an environmental review.

Request LPC Records

To request LPC records, submit the following form:

You can also file a records request through NYC Open Records at

Historic Preservation Grant Program

To apply for a Historic Preservation Grant, submit one of the following forms: