Expedited Reviews

Expedited Certificate of No Effect Service

Certain kinds of interior work may qualify for LPC’s Expedited Certificate of No Effect Service. You may request a permit through this service only if the proposed work or alteration meets these criteria:

  • Is performed above the second story or in the cellar or basement
  • Is not performed on any portion of a space designated as an Interior Landmark
  • Does not involve any change to, replacement of, or penetration of, an exterior wall, window, skylight, or roof, including penetrations, replacements, or changes for ducts, grills, exhaust intakes, vents, or pipes
  • Does not involve a dropped ceiling or partition which is set back less than a minimum of one foot (1’ 0”) from the sills or frames of interior windows, whichever is furthest from the glass

The following materials are required to apply for a permit using the Expedited Certificate of No Effect Service:

Please send the above information in an envelope (drawings may be submitted in a separate roll if necessary) to:

Expedited Certificate of No Effect Service
Landmarks Preservation Commission
1 Centre Street, 9th Floor North
New York, NY 10007