COVID-19 UPDATE 4/28/2020:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LPC has temporarily closed its office at 1 Centre Street, but continues to provide services by email and phone. On April 21, 2020, we resumed public hearings/meetings. LPC is holding virtual public hearings/meetings by livestreaming them on YouTube and via Zoom, a teleconferencing application that allows applicants and members of the public to participate using either the Zoom app on their smartphone or computer or by telephone using a dial-in number. See instructions for participating in our virtual public hearings below.

Instructions for Participating in Virtual LPC Public Hearings/Meetings  

PLEASE NOTE: the information included below on this page may no longer apply as our processes have changed in response to COVID-19, as stated above. Visit our hearings page here to learn more about our upcoming virtual public hearings and how to participate during this time. Read more about our COVID-19 response here.

For the Public

Public Hearings and Meetings

The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Public Hearings and Meetings are open to all members of the public and are held on Tuesdays, beginning at 9:30 AM at:

New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
One Center Street, 9th Floor
David N. Dinkins Manhattan Municipal Building
New York, NY 10007

LPC’s online calendar contains the schedule of Public Hearings and Meetings for the year. A notice of each Public Hearing with the agenda items to be considered is published in the City Record and posted on this website at least 10 business days before the hearing date. Public Hearing and Meeting dates and agenda items with times are posted on this website on the Friday prior to the Public Hearing or Meeting. Presentation materials for each agenda item are available online at 5:00 PM on the Thursday prior to the Public Hearing or Meeting.

Public Hearings

Public Hearings provide an opportunity for the public to testify in person before the Commission on proposed permit applications for work on landmark properties, or on proposed landmark designations. Written testimony is also accepted and may be submitted in person at the Public Hearing, by mail or digitally. Digital testimony submitted in advance of the hearing must be submitted through LPC’s online form by 4:00 PM on the Monday prior to the Public Hearing.

Public Meetings

Public Meetings provide an opportunity for the public to observe subsequent discussion amongst the Commissioners on proposed permit applications for work on landmarked properties or proposed landmark designations after the hearing is closed. Please note that, as the hearing is closed, members of the public may not testify at Public Meetings. However, the Commission accepts written comments into the record regarding Public Meeting agenda items. Written comments for Public Meetings must be delivered to LPC or submitted through LPC’s online form by 4:00 PM on the Monday prior to the Public Meeting.

If you need a sign-language translator or other reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in a Public Hearing or Meeting, please contact the agency no later than five business days before the Public Hearing/Meeting date.

The Public Hearing room is wheelchair accessible.

Questions? Contact us for more information.