Interested in becoming a judge of the New York City Criminal Court or Family Court, or, on an interim basis, the Civil Court? Have you been admitted to practice law in New York State for at least 10 years? Are you in good standing? Are you currently a New York City resident, or would you move to New York City in the event of a possible appointment? To be considered for a judicial appointment to any of these courts, complete our questionnaire. In cooperation with the New York City Bar's Judiciary Committee, the Mayor's Advisory Committee on the Judiciary developed a uniform judicial questionnaire that is accepted by both Committees in connection with candidates for appointment and incumbent judges for reappointment by the Mayor to the aforementioned courts. Before emailing the completed questionnaire, please contact the Committee office to request waivers, some of which must be notarized. Please note that as the instructions indicate, you must return an original printed version of the completed questionnaire that must be signed and dated on the final page. In addition, when you return the completed questionnaire and other documents, you should furnish this Committee with a recent wallet-size photograph.

Download the Uniform Judicial Questionnaire

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free)

Note: The above application is a protected PDF document. In order to complete the questionnaire your computer must have Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Reader or the version on your computer is older, you must download the latest version FREE from the link above. Please right click on link then select "Save Target As" to save a copy to your desktop (or preferred location) before completing. The blue shaded areas in the document are to be filled out. To move to the next field, use the "TAB" key. To move backward to a previous field, use the "SHIFT" & "TAB" keys together. Answers can be saved by selecting "File" from the menu bar, then "Save."

Please make sure that upon completion and review of your Uniform Judicial Questionnaire, you PRINT TO ADOBE (PDF). You should only provide this office, via email, with an unalterable version of your application and not the version with the fillable blanks intact.