Board Agendas



DATE: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
TIME:  6:00 PM
PLACE: The African Burial Ground National Monument Visitor Center
            290 Broadway
                (Photo ID is required to enter building)


I. Public Session

Comments by members of the public (6 PM – 7 PM)
(1-2 minutes per speaker)

II. Business Session 

A) Adoption of December 2019 minutes
B) District Manager’s Report – L. Reynolds
C) Treasurer Report – J. Kopel
D) Chairperson’s Report – A. Notaro, Jr.

III. Committee Reports

A) Executive Committee- A. Notaro, Jr.

1) CB 1 Office Technology – Report

B) Personnel Committee - E. Lewinsohn

1) Discretionary Approvals Consultant Contract – Report

C) Licensing & Permits Committee - S. Cole

Tribeca area
1) 125 Chambers Street, application for sidewalk café permit for Sweetgreen New York LLC d/b/a Sweetgreen – Resolution
2) 285 West Broadway, application for sidewalk café permit for St. Helier Tavern LLC – Resolution 

Financial District area
1) 40 Wall Street, application for liquor license for Italian Food Zone USA Corp. d/b/a Nerolab – Resolution
2) 8-12 Stone Street, application for liquor license for Antinori Rest Inc. & NY Stone Street Hotel AB Licensee LLC & Pollin/Miller Hospitality d/b/a Doubletree Hotel NYC/Antinori Restaurant – Resolution

D) Transportation & Street Activity Permits Committee - B. Kay

1) City Hall to Battery Park Bicycle Connection; Broadway, White Hall Street – Resolution 
2) Rector Street Bridge – Resolution 
3) Congestion Pricing Traffic Mobility Review Board – Resolution 
4) Collister Street Lighting – Report

E) Waterfront, Parks & Cultural Committee - P. Goldstein

1) Battery Park City Ballfields & Recreation – Report
2) Finn Square Temporary Art Installation – Report
3) DeLury Square Park Construction Schedule – Report 
4) Hudson River Park Trust Act and Pier 40 – Report 

F) Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee - M. James

1) NIOSH/CDC Study of Student Health Outcomes – Resolution 
2) 11 Hubert Street construction discussion with owner representative – Report
3) Victim’s Compensation Fund – Report 
4) Venue Working Group – Report

G) Battery Park City Committee - T. Meltzer

1) 9/11 BPC Residential Memorial Plaque Placement – Report
2) 2010 Amendment to BPCA’s Settlement Agreement Financial – Report
3) Allied Universal Report, Year Over Year Comparisons – Report 
4) BPCA Report with an Updates – Report 

H) Landmarks & Preservation Committee - R. Byrom 

1) 245 Water Street, interior renovation of an existing residential building with associated exterior work including new rooftop structure using metal, wood, and cement based cladding materials, bulkhead, and window replacement – Resolution
2) Broad Street and Wall Street, proposal of concept design which include lighting, identifying delivery areas and replace existing concrete benches in the Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, and Broad/Exchange seating areas – Resolution
3) 15 Park Row, storefront master plan for current and future storefront alterations, and restoration work including door locations, bulkheads, signage and marquee sign – Resolution

I) Environmental Protection Committee -A. Blank

1) South Battery Park City Resiliency – Report
2) Battery Park City Authority updates – Report
3) Lower Manhattan Quarterly Resiliency Update – Report

J) Land Use Zoning & Economic Development Committee - P. Kennell

1) New York City Comptroller Retail Vacancy Report – Report 
2) 84 Franklin Street – Board of Standards and Appeals application 2019-296-BZ for a special permit to allow the operation of a physical culture establishment (Aire Ancient Baths) – Resolution 

V. Old Business

VI. New Business

VII. Adjournment