Board Agendas


DATE:  Tuesday, June 26, 2018
TIME:   6:00 PM
PLACE: 3 World trade Center,  68th Floor
           (Photo ID is required to enter building)

 A G E N D A

I. Public Session

   Comments by members of the public (6 PM – 7 PM)
   (1-2 minutes per speaker)

II. Welcome
    Dara McQuillan, Chief Marketing Officer, Silverstein Properties, Inc.

III. Business Session

A) Adoption of May 2018 minutes
B) District Manager’s Report – L. Reynolds
C) Chairperson’s Report – A. Notaro, Jr.

IV.  Committee Reports

A) Nominating Committee - S. Cole 

1) Secretary to cast one vote for officer positions unopposed – Request
• Anthony Notaro, Jr., Chairperson
• Paul Hovitz, Vice-Chairperson
• Tammy Meltzer, Secretary 
• Joel Kopel, Treasurer
• Elizabeth Lewinsohn, Assistant Secretary

B) Land Use Zoning & Economic Development Committee - R. Thomas
1) New York Stock Exchange Proposed Plan – Resolution 
2) 4 Dutch Street, Board of Standards and Appeals application for a Physical Culture Establishment Special Permit – Resolution
3) 90 Hudson Street, Department of Transportation application for Revocable Consent for ADA ramp and platform – Resolution

C) Housing Sub-Committee - T. Goodkind

1) Affordable Housing in CB1 – Report
2) Guide to Unit Ownership – Report
3) Affordable Housing List – Report
4) 421g – Report

D) Resiliency Sub - Committee - A. Blank

1) Passive House – Report
2) NY Rising – Report

E) Waterfront, Parks & Resiliency Committee - P. Goldstein

1) DeLury Square Park Modifications – Resolution
2) Warren Street Dog Run – Report
3) Tin Building Construction – Report
4) Temporary Public Art, Collect Pond Park, Peck Slip and Tribeca Park – Report

F) Landmarks & Preservation Committee - R. Byrom

1) South Street Seaport, application for Winter Village – Resolution
2) 53 North Moore Street, application for extension of bulkhead – Resolution
3) Proposed letter to Landmarks Preservation Commission regarding 53 Beach Street alternations – Report

G) Licensing & Permits Committee - J. Ehrlich

Battery Park City area
1)250 Vesey Street, Waterfront Plaza at Brookfield Place, application for an upgrade to liquor license, change in corporate structure and alteration for Tartinery Liberty - Resolution
2) 21 South End Avenue, application for liquor license for Ning Bo Cafe Restaurant – Resolution

Seaport/Civic Center area
1) 33 Peck Slip, application for unenclosed sidewalk cafe for HHC 33 Peck Slip Holdings LLC AKA Bellini/Mr. C Seaport – Resolution
2) 95 South Street, Building G, application for liquor license for Pier 17 Seafood Restaurant  LLC – Resolution
3) 45 Beekman Street, application for wine, beer and cider license 45 Beekman Operations LLC – Resolution
4) 229 Front Street, application for liquor license for ROSL, Inc. – Resolution

Tribeca area
1) 266 Canal Street, West Store, application for change in class from restaurant wine license to liquor license for August Gatherings Corp. – Resolution
2) 412 Greenwich Street, application for beer and wine license for Wisefish Poke – Resolution
3) 221 West Broadway, review of ongoing issues related to Town Stages – Report

Financial District area
1) 75 Broad Street, application for liquor license for DW Broad Street LLC – Resolution
2) 4 South Street, application for wine, beer and cider license for American Brew
+ Press, Inc. – Resolution
3) 40 Exchange Place, application for liquor license for Split Eights – Resolution

H) Battery Park City Committee - T. Meltzer

1) Peace Officers and Local Statistics – Report
2) Run/Walk and BPC Project – Report
3) South End Avenue update – Report
4) West Thames New Community Space – Report
5) Placard Parking and Self Enforcement Zone – Report

I) Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee - P. Moore

1) Alternate Side Street Parking Regulations and Film Permits – Report
2) Report on Neighborhood Support Team FiDi Residential Waste Walkabout – Report
3) Exclusive Zones for Commercial Waste Collection – Report
4) Alternative Modes of Transportation – Report

V.  Old Business

VI.  New Business

1) Street Activity Permit Office application for the Murray Street Exponents Festival; Single block festival; Friday, September 21, 2018; 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Park Place between Broadway and Church Street – Resolution
2) Letter of Support for GoodCompany Pictures, LLC on Walker Street – Resolution
3) 22 Barclay Street, application by St. Peter’s Church to legalize existing 9/11 cross and to approve permanent location of statues – Resolution

VII.  Adjournment


All documents relating to the above agenda items are on file at the Community Board 1 office and are available for viewing by the public upon written request to
At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business."