Committee Agendas


November 2022 draft calendar
December 2022 draft calendar

After October 22, 2022 Community Board members, applicants and public members may be required to attend in person. We are awaiting further guidance from the New York Governor’s Executive Office and the Office of the Manhattan Borough President. Community Board 1 will communicate whether or not there is a change by email blast, our website and updates on social media. If we do return to an in-person meeting format, the public is encouraged to use webex via due to acute capacity constraints.

Please check agendas weekly. We will continue to update as we receive ongoing information on priority business.

“All meetings are recorded to the extent practicable and posted on our Youtube page as soon as possible. You may find the link here.”

 “If there are any relevant draft resolutions that will be considered at this meeting, they may be found here.”

Agendas will be posted on Friday, October 7, 2022